gillian anderson i love you

The X-files is shooting for 11 days and so far these are the things we got excited for:

  • Fox Mulder looking fine as hell, aka *fluffy hair, arm porn, dat body😳*
  • Dana Scully looking bruised, but fine as hell, aka *awesome wig, nice makeup, Mulder will take such a good care of her*
  • One of Brick’s paw
  • Filming Notifications
  • Cars being moved to THE BRIDGE
  • Car chase in the dark
  • Trailer Doors and Tents
  • Stunt Doubles shooting said car chasing scenes in the dark
  • Chris Carter being educated about bees and flowers
  • The FEET of Mulder & Scully (Gillian & David) with Brick sitting right in the middle
  • Basically Brick is the star of Season 11

All I’m saying is, that we haven’t got much just yet but we are all here, being super excited, sleep-deprived already, ready for spiralling and sharing lots of fandom love. This is gonna be one long ride, and I’m just so happy to share it with y’all. We survived a lot of shit, we needed this and we are here for it. This is one great fam and it’s ready to welcome more! ❤️️ 

Hello, there BabyPhiles! Fasten your seatbelt, take the crazy pill and join us! I must warn you that this will be one hell of a unique experience which will definitely stay with you and might change your life forever…


Your friendship has brought glorious technicolour to my life. It’s been there even in the darkest of times, and I am the luckiest person alive for that gift. I hope I didn’t take it for granted. I think maybe I did, because sometimes you don’t see that the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose. But that’s fine too. It really is. Because I’ve realized that no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, or who you’re with, I will always, honestly, truly, completely, love you. -Love, Rosie (2014)


Gillian Anderson: I don’t have to stand on a box. Sometimes when we’re in a situation walking side by side, like up to a door to pull out our badges and say we’re from the FBI, I have to step up onto something so that we’re on the same level. I mean, I don’t walk on boxes or have boxes attached to my feet. It’s funny: Sometimes I forget I’m on the box. Like, I’ll have this very serious moment in a very serious scene and I’ll turn to the camera and fall right off the box.

/US Magazine, 1997/

For @2momsmakearight and @puzzlingpeace and anyone else who who received horrible messages and they just didn’t want to share.

“It’s okay to be fierce. & if you’re fierce, it’s okay to be kind.”

I am choosing kindness. This person may have broken in and stole a sense of security that we all felt, but we won’t let it break us. I won’t let you turn my smile into a frown, you won’t burn out my light. Am I afraid? I think any person in their right mind would be but that won’t make me shut down and hide. Instead I’m going to spread kindness through this time of hate. You don’t own me and your hate doesn’t control me. You are just a coward hiding behind a keyboard and you will not break our foundation that a majority of this fandom has created.