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Hello JHH! Do you have any personaly proof that David and Gillian in romantic relationship? What maked YOU believe? Can you call 5 reason to believe in more than friendly relationship

Hello anon! No I don’t have any proof. If I had one, I wouldn’t be here guessing and analyzing everything! But I can definitely call 5 reasons to believe in it. You could have asked for 50 actually. So this is going to be in no particular order, just as it crosses my mind. 

1 - I don’t know what kind of friend you are for your friends, but I don’t kiss mine on the lips (twice) and I don’t put my tongue down their throat to amuse my coworkers around me (twice) (probably more than twice). I don’t have more than an attraction for my friends. I don’t know them more than their spouse. I don’t tell them there’s no ramp required for where I want them to be. I don’t want to be buried right next to them. I don’t miss especially one of them while laying in bed. I don’t wear shirts with an arrow pointing at them saying I’m with them. I’m not moist around them. I don’t tell them “why don’t we just have sex on this table right now?” Even if the word is dying. 

2 - I haven’t even started, and it’s more than 5 reasons already.

3 - They don’t only confuse fans. They confuse their friends and coworkers for twenty five years. Chris Carter said it’s as if they share a secret. Kim Manners was amazed at how they “truly loved each other”. Joel Mchale think they should get married. Shangela wasn’t sure if she was asked about Mulder and Scully or David and Gillian being a couple. William B Davis dropped that “the rumor said that David and Gillian were getting along really well… personally” (Who say that?!!). Photographers find them flirty and their chemistry electrifying and unwordly. And don’t get me started on Mitch and Orlando Jones!

4 - They even confuse themselves. David dropping “All that’s left is the heart” between them while asked about their characters… What was that? 

5 - They ALWAYS disappear at the same time. Always. And they always resurface at the same time. It happens all the time. You just have to pay attention, but it’s always like that, and it can’t be just coincidences. 

6 - You got me started, I’m on a roll, you won’t stop me now.

7 - What kind of friends describe their friendships as adult / enjoyable friendship based on logistic? What does that even mean? Would your friend make your year by being on stage for five minutes giving you a totally unknown award? Would tearing Neil Young apart with one of your friend would be the best night of your life? Without even being drunk?

8 -  They lie to us. They do. And they’re proud of them. 5 emails a year? A confessed lie. Having “meals together when nobody’s watching”? another lie. They have breakfasts together. Do you have breakfasts with your friends? I don’t but maybe I’m missing something. They say they’ve never dated, but what were the 1997 Golden Globes? 

9 - There are too many stories. You’re free to not believe them, but I do, for most of them. 

10 - Just look at them.
American Gods Author Neil Gaiman on Laura’s Big Episode, George R.R. Martin, and His Plans for Season 2
Why Gaiman’s very favorite episode has so little to do with his novel.
By Joanna Robinson

My favorite episode is Episode 4, and there is scarcely a line of my dialogue in there. My favorite scene apart from that is in Episode 5, when we get Gillian Anderson as David Bowie, chewing out the Technical Boy. It’s straight out of Bryan’s head. Those are, so far, my favorite moments, because I got to be surprised and delighted. 

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Do you think dd and ga's lack of... um... togetherness at the upfronts has anything to do with pm? I don't have an opinion on it either way. Just asking an honest question. I'm wondering what everyone thinks. Can we open it up to discussion? It was pretty bizarre, we can all agree to that. The only time we saw them together that day at all was onstage at the Webby's. Seems weird to me. I honestly don't see how it could've benefited fox at all. I think it could be something else. Don't know what

We can always open discussion, anon! If not the Webbys, I would have find it weird that they didn’t appear more together, didn’t do the photocall together, and didn’t give any interview together. It is weird. But then, they went to Webbys, and the magic operated. There’s no doubt David and Gillian are fine with each other, that nothing has changed between them since the last time we saw them together. I really do think it happened like that not because it was their request, but because Fox had planned it this way. 

Even if you assume she’s dating someone else, which I don’t but anyway, what would be the point of asking your network to make separate appearances with your costar for one business event, and then show up together being all giddy and cute at a totally non-business related (at least for David) event, and finally spend 6 months on the other side of the world 24/7 with this other man? It makes no sense. 

So if it isn’t their choice, if it isn’t due to their schedule, it has to come from their publicist or from Fox. It has to be a communication strategy. A weird one, but still…

Talk to her: the frightened, hurt part of yourself. Encourage her, praise her, and coach her through situations as you would you own child. Tell her she doesn’t need to be scared, she’s not alone, she’s not abandoned - you are there to love, support and protect her.
—  (on nurturing our inner girl to connect with our true selves) from “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere” by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel


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