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Ok, I can see what you're saying about poor misguided JM's attitude before and after 5.11. However, what exactly gave him the right to expect the fans to forget about Klaroline and start shipping sth else just because he said it was over? And did he really think he wasn't going to deal with a lot of enraged fans wondering what the fuck happened to him and all his promises? Or that people wouldn't see all that as an opportunistic attempt to lure his Klaroline fans on TO under false pretenses?

I sense anger and frustration, anon. I feel you, I do.

You know, I think they put themselves in this mess because they thought fans are fickle and because they really did think that Klaus’ popularity exceeded Caroline’s popularity and/or Klaroline’s popularity. It’s not completely out of the question that people jump ships, which they seem to have expected. JM said in an interview “It’s weird because (KC) wasn’t supposed to have been anything and it just kinda grew bigger” which just kinda proves my point that they were expecting people to fall for Cami and/or Hayley. They were on a mission to make people like Hayley, so obviously they didn’t see how wrong they were. Daniel Gillies 100% proves this after he said that people would forget Caroline when they saw Cami. His comment PROVES what the writers were talking about behind closed doors. Gillies did not just take that comment out of thin air, it came from somewhere and you best believe it came from the writers and producers that were thinking that they had kicked Klaroline out for good. Look, my point is, they thought fans loved The Original family more than Klaroline so they thought they’d get away with it. Which is ridiculous because those two are not mutually exclusive, not to me anyway. Like pick one or the other, no thanks, I want both, lol.

They also got cocky, they did have good numbers when TO premiered, it held steady and they thought they were off the hook. In their mind KCers were just stubborn children who were anger because mommy took their favorite toy. 

You know, I feel bad for “celebrities” (whatever you call them), they really can’t say one word without offending someone, somewhere. You say one word wrong and suddenly you’re getting attacked on social media. Morgan has been put in a difficult situation, a situation he did not really control because of how new this is to him. Remember it took TVD some time to learn and get the hang of it all, Nina Dobrev, bless her soul, has never taken side (Delena/Stelena) because she’d be crucified. Like Kristen Stewart said in an interview that she had been told to never pick a team (Edward/Jacob). Gillies learned it the hard way, he talked bad about Haylijah and Klaroline and then he came out saying that he will just keep his mouth shut from now on. Morgan is just selling what he’s been told to sell. If the network has faith in the direction the writers want to take the show in, no actor will stand in the way of that. Morgan can’t encourage fans to hold on to hope, just like Plec doesn’t encourage fans to hold on to hope. They want people to move on, not to fight for Klaroline. So that’s where the frustration comes in, where the bad attitude comes in.. The Klaroline fandom is so big that they can’t just say something encouraging without having thousands of fans thinking they will do Klaroline. IMO, with Klaroline, is all or nothing, at this point, they either do Klaroline or they don’t. There’s no in between or teasing anymore. I guess that’s why they are dead silent when it comes to Klaroline.

I’m not defending them and their poor choices, but people seriously need to understand that nothing is on Joseph Morgan’s shoulder, none of this is. How can he truly be pro Klaroline and encourage fans if he has been told it’s over.. that to me would be lying and after everything we’ve been through, I’d much rather take honesty even if that means no “pro Klaroline” comments. I’m pissed off too, I don’t like the complete turn-around, I think it sucks but I also realize where he’s coming from.