Shaving 101: ultimate guide for extra sensitive skin.

Ladies gather up. For years I’ve suffered from ultra sensitive skin especially around my bikini area and inner thighs. I know a lot of you deal with the same problems so I’m making a very extensive post about NATURAL and SKIN FRIENDLY ways to combat these issues as well as share my personal shaving routine.


I’ve seen many posts online about girls that use alcohol as a toner, or apply cream deodorant and Nivea aftershave balm to prevent razor bumps. While these products will help alleviate the symptoms they will harm your skin in the long run. So stay away!

In my experience there are two types of problems:

Immediate: these appear during or directly after shaving. (Pain during shaving, cuts, irritation)

Post shave: these appear hours or days after shaving (irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs)

So let’s take it from the start.

Baths and soaks: now this is not a totally necessary step but soaking in warm water prior to shaving will help soften both the skin and the hair and provide a more pleasant experience.

Avoid using any body wash or bubble bath as it will disturb your ph levels and is especially unhealthy for your vagina.
Prefer ingredients like salts(detoxifies, provides minerals), baking soda(detoxifies), apple cider vinegar (balances ph), herbs & teas (soften skin, smooth, hydrate, calm and so on), milk (hydrates skin, mildly exfoliates, softens), honey (hydrates, softens)

Exfoliation: this is an essential step if you suffer from ingrown hair and additionally helps give a closer shave.

You have a few different options. You can either use a glove/loofah/mitt/sponge or a scrub

Again avoid commercial scrubs as the chemicals in them are extremely unnecessary and unhealthy for your skin. Invest in a quality natural product or create your own with ingredients you already have in your kitchen in the fraction of the time and cost.

A simple scrub recipe I enjoy:

Sugar (brown or white)
Oil (I use coconut but any oil will work)
Lemon juice
Lemon zest

Add the desired amount of sugar in a container or mixing bowl. Put in the zest. Slowly pour in the oil until all sugar granules are coated but not saturated in it. Finally add the lemon juice until you reach the desired consistency.

Both the lemon juice and lemon zest are completely optional. The juice helps lighten any marks while the zest gives a refreshing smell.
You can substitute cinnamon and vanilla extract for a sweet, more wintery smell or just leave it plain.

Use the sugar scrub around your kitty but be extremely cautious not to get it inside as it might cause imbalances and yeast infections.

Do not substitute salt for sugar as it’s too harsh and will sting during shaving.

DO NOT USE BABY OIL. I can’t even believe that this is a product intended for babies! The ingredients are disgusting and extremely harmful.

Here’s why:

“Traditional baby oil is typically mineral oil, a petroleum-based ingredient. Mineral oil coats the skin just like a plastic wrap and messes with your baby’s natural immune barrier. This inhibits the skin’s ability to breathe and compromises its capacity to release toxins.”

Keep it away from you and your coochie.

Shave: if you chose a scrub just rinse off the granules with lukewarm water but DO NOT wash off the oil. It will protect your skin from the blades and prevent burns, cuts, irritation and discomfort. If you are using an oil free option to exfoliate you will need to apply oil afterwards. (Again choose the oil that suits you best.)

Choose a men’s razor with four blades (My favorite is Gillette fusion pro glide) and change the blades often.

Typically the oil is more than enough. If though you have supah sensitive skin and especially if you are shaving for a second day in a row you might wanna try shaving UNDERWATER. Yes you read that right. This method saved me!! Just sit as comfortably as you can in the tub and submerge the parts you want to shave in the warm water WITH THE OIL ON and shave.

Aftercare: use a gentle body wash to remove the oil from your body and a feminine wash or plain water to rinse your kitty.

Use a clean towel and pat the shaved areas dry.

I use alcohol free witch hazel as a toner on the areas where I’m prone to breakouts and bumps to naturally and gently disinfect the skin and close the pores. You can also mix apple cider vinegar with water in a 1:3 ratio and use that instead.

As a second step I like to slather on some aloe Vera gel to hydrate and smooth the skin.

Once it’s soaked I top everything off with some natural aftershave balm (my favorite is the bulldog original aftershave balm, it’s super cheap and all natural)

The following days: you can apply some moisturizer or oil with a few drops of tea tree oil on the areas where you get razor bumps and post shave breakouts to eliminate them. I like to use Aloe Vera gel consistently to moisturize and smooth sensitive areas.

This is it ladies! I hope it’s helpful!!

Post about vagina care coming soon!! Follow @diamondbabes for more 😉

Men’s Grooming

‘All it comes down to is this: I feel like shit but look great.’ Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho.

Us men have recently cottoned on to something that women have known for centuries: when you feel rough inside, the best place to start is on
the outside. In other words, ‘Fake it ’til you make it.’ As Oscar Wilde pointed out, it’s only shallow people who don’t judge by appearances. And when you look good, the world is more receptive.

The way men look after their appearance has undergone a revolution in the last twenty years. Where once a moisturiser might have been considered outré, it now seems to be the bedrock of every man’s grooming regime. It’s easy to fall prey to anxiety and insecurity on these fronts, especially in the face of advertisements and Photoshopped media icons.

So yes, it helps enormously to enjoy your grooming routine; but our long term aim is to use the confidence that comes with looking good to feel completely at home in our own skin.


Good grooming is like a magic trick: people should be impressed by the results, but in the dark about how you achieved them. Overdo the fragrance, teeth whitening or eyebrow taming and you just show the world your sleight of hand.


Many cultures (from the ancient Greeks and Jews to the modern Japanese and Scandinavians) practise bathing as a ritual. Hot water is relaxing, yet invigorating like little else – that’s why some of our best thoughts can come to us in the shower. But take the time out from here on in to really ‘be’ in the shower, to quell the monkey mind and to really feel the water on your skin and the scent of the products you use. It’s not just the female of the species that’s worth it.

RULE 3: 

Whether it’s your face or armpits, chest or legs, or even your manly bits, understanding how to shave correctly can have a massive impact on the final result. Below I have put together a comprehensive guide on what is needed for the perfect shave as well as the steps you need to follow.


If there is one thing you should take from this post it’s that the success or failure of a shave rests solely on the temperature of the water used during the shave. For me, the litmus test is simple; if you can dunk a facecloth into the water and hold it for any longer than a couple of seconds the water is not hot enough.

Really hot water is vitally important for two reasons.

It clears the gunk from around the follicles of the hair.
The hair will expand and take on more water allowing the blade to cut it easier.


The expectation here may be for me to say that you should be using a Straight or Safety razor. As someone who has used both for years at a time I can confirm that the best shave you will ever get is with a Straight razor, followed closely by a Safety razor…

However, both of the above suffer three massive problems when it comes to everyday use:

There is a learning curve required for use. Until you are comfortable with either you will look like you have shaved using a broken bottle.
Both types of razor require proper regular maintenance, which, if not done, will degrade the quality of the shave to the point that disposables start to look appealing.
The speed at which one can shave with either a Straight or Safety razor will never be as quick as with a Cartridge based one.
Because of the above it’s simply not practical to recommend either for everyday shaving. This leaves us with Disposables and Cartridges… and NOBODY should ever use a disposable…. EVER.


Personally, I like to use a Gillette Fusion handle with either Mach3 or ProGlide blades. The most important thing to look for in a razor is it’s weight. Buzzing razor’s or ‘3 in 1’ specialty razors may look cool but they tend to feel floaty and clumsy when using. Do not underestimate how important this is.
A top tip of mine is to purchase a battery powered buzzing Mach3 or Fusion handle, place the battery in it… and never turn it on. The extra weight really improves the movement of the razor and they usually cost no more than a plain handle.
To understand how important weight is to a razor you only need look up “Luxury Mach3 Handles” after your stomach has settled seeing some of the prices you may begin to realise they have all one thing in common, big, weighty, bases.


I wanted to talk quickly about cartridges themselves. Where possible, purchase cartridges that have a SMALLER amount of blades in the head. The reality is, you really only need one blade, all the others are there to speed up shaving, but at a cost of causing irritation. When possible I use Mach3 (3 blades) cartridges and only use Fusion / ProGlide (5 blades) when I can’t find the others.


Shaving Foams, Gels, Soaps, and Creams have two primary purposes:

Create a barrier for the blade to run on so as to reduce the irritation of dragging a piece of metal across your skin.
Lift the hair and stop it from falling so that when the razor passes over the hair it cuts it with minimal force.
How this is achieved is via lather, the process of whipping product up into a frothy, aerated mixture. Taking a shaving product and applying it directly to your face without first lathering will actually cause you more issues than not using product at all.


If you shave by applying shaving foam, gel, or soap to your skin you are heading for a one way ticket to a bad shave. As discussed above, the purpose of shaving product is to get under the hair and stop it falling down; the exact opposite of what applying product via your fingers do.

A shaving brush works by infusing product with water and catching the lather within its bristles. As you apply this lather to the applicable area the bristles move the hairs around and allow the product to get underneath them.

Apply your shaving product with a proper brush, regardless of the area of the body you are shaving. A good quality brush will set you back about €35/50. The best sort of brush to use is badger hair based. Synthetic or non badger hair will not take on water effectively thus negating the original point of the brush; to infuse product with water.


Now that you have all the information needed, lets look at how a shave should go. Note that I do not specifically reference the face. Shaving any part of the body needs the same attention and some more so.

Women especially, who have been playing second fiddle to men in terms of products marketed at them tend to shave much larger areas than men, and as such should really consider dumping disposables or whatever soap strip Venus “wunderblade” is flavour of the month for a more traditional shaving routine.


Preparation is everything in a shave. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as they say. The very first thing you should do before shaving is thoroughly clean so it’s free from grease and dirt. Not pre-cleaning means your razor will get gunked up; ruining any semblance of a decent shave.

Once clean, bin the water you used and half fill the sink with extremely hot, clean, water. Now is a good time to dump your shaving brush into the water. After this, take a face or muslin cloth, soak and wring it out. The cloth should be hot enough that you can just barely hold it comfortably. Rest the cloth on the area for a couple of seconds, until it cools down; repeat 4 more times, for a total of 5.

Finally, apply a pea sized amount of your favourite shaving product to your hand or a wide cup. Take your brush, shake any excess water from it and swirl the product gently in your hand until it creates a nice lather. The brush is now ‘primed’ and ready to use, any excess product in your hand or cup can be washed off in the sink. The brush will have more than enough product infused in its bristles for multiple passes.


Shaving correctly is a multi stage process with each stage known as a pass. How many passes you need to do depend on the area and hair thickness. The key point to remember is to always lather between each pass.

To start, lather the area you wish to shave, to do this take your primed brush and swirl it in small circles over the area, you are looking for good, non excessive, coverage.

Some people say you should never shave against the grain, personally I don’t think this makes much of a difference. The real key here is to never pass the razor over the same area in the same pass. This takes a lot of getting used to but is VITALLY important. Because we are doing multiple passes there is no need to worry about missed sections of hair.

Using your razor apply reasonable but not excessive pressure and shave up or down, depending on your preference, in one stroke. When you complete a stroke, clean the blade in the water, shake the excess, and move to the next area, regardless of whether there is hair left or not in the place you just shaved. It is really important to shake the excess water from the blade per stroke, if you don’t the water acts as a barrier to the blade, essentially dulling its ability, meaning more strokes and passes.

When you have shaved all areas in this pass, clean the excess product from your face, apply product and go again. On average I require 3 passes but you should do as many as necessary.


Your skin after a shave tends to be raw. Remember, you just ran a blade over it multiple times. Now is not the best time to apply anything with alcohol in it. For now the best thing for your skin is a non alcoholic moisturiser or shaving balm (which is essentially a liquid moisturiser). If possible, leave as much time as you can between shaving and applying any harsh products like aftershave or perfume.

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I started shaving in the eighties  Convinced by adverts that ‘one blade shaves you close and the other closer still’ I bought a double bladed Gillette and was quite happy.  Roll forward to now and I find whenever I find a blade I like, the company decide to 'upgrade’ to a new version; invariably more expensive with added 'strips’.  'One blade shaves you close and the other closer still, and the other closer still, and the other closer still, and the other closer still’ is so obviously bollocks, men are on track to find themselves like women sadly are - convinced they can’t go out without shaving legs, armpits, faces, with make up and underwired pants.   Fuck that.  If one blade was good enough for Brando, Newman, Sinatra, Presley etc it’s good enough for me.  I could shave with a hundred blades and it would still be growing back by lunchtime.

Just bought a double edged razor, a brush, and a bundle of razor blades.  Gillette blades - a tenner for 100.    You might not be the biggest or the fastest, but you can be the toughest - learn how to shave properly.  Update coming soon….