Full video of Enchanted/Wildest Dreams at 1989 Tour Foxborough Night 2 7/25/15. 

Warning: Watch with a truckload of tissues!

You know what I don’t get is how those women in the shaving cream commercials can make it look as if shaving your legs is so god damn easy, and they’re happy as hell while they shave. Like they just do one swipe and they’re done. I’m sorry but that is unrealistic in my opinion because when I shave my legs I have to focus so much it’s like I’m taking a damn college exam, and even then I still end up with a tiny razor cut which might I add bleeds so damn much I swear it’s like Sweeney Todd just slit my leg. And I’m not all smiley while I do it either because it’s a hassle standing on one leg praying to whatever shower deity is watching over me while I shave that I don’t fall and break my neck. Those women make it seem like standing on one leg is so damn easy, well guess what it’s not. These damn commercials are so misleading I swear.