Gilles Villenueve, Didier Pironi, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel.

A lot of people are very surprised at the hate Vettel is getting right now and also don’t understand. Having gone back and watched many races and doing a lot of research with races from the 70’s and 80’s, this situation with Vettel disobeying orders is near identical to the incident at the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix in which Didier Pironi stole a win from Gilles Villeneuve after they received similar orders that Webber and Vettel received. Villenueve was furious at what he saw as betrayal and much of the F1 community saw it as underhanded move by Pironi. 31 years later, the same thing happens and I’m not surprised the F1 community is reacting in the same way.

When you remember that there are pictures out there of half naked drivers from the 80s who had a sleep-over in a hotel ballroom to protest their contracts.

Drivers that shared mattresses on the floor.

Keke Rosberg snoring like a freight train in a tunnel.

GILLES VILLENUEVE IN GODDAMN SHORT SHORTS (I had to bleach my brain upon seeing that image)

The drivers STEALING a mini bus to make a run from their own teams.