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Pool Games Inc 2.0

“So this had been Pool Games Inc, we did it a second year, we won’t do it a third year probably…based on the reaction to this one.”

“Think twice before you ask us every day for a year to do a sequel to a video, cause this is what happens.”

Watching shadowhunters with my fiancé

Two weeks ago
Me: blah blah MALEC blah blah Jace blah blah blah Maia and Simon

Fiancé: I’m not gonna be satisfied until I see Gill baby ( Madzie)

Last night watching shadowhunters
Madzie: Magnus

Me: OMG MADZIE MY ADORABLE GILL BABY, oh fuck Martin is asleep he’s gonna be pissed he missed this

Today rewatching shadowhunters with fiancé
Me: you liking the episode babe

Fiancé: it’s ok

Madzie: Magnus


Me: petition for Malec to adopt her

Fiancé: No petition for Malec to get back together then adopt her

Me: I love you so fucking much you get me


Novak beat Gilles Simon 6-3 3-6 7-5 and reached the third round of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters on Tuesday.

Novak and Viktor Troicki will face top seeds Henri Kontinen and John Peers in the second round on Wednesday at about 3 PM local time (CET).

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this one was a tearjerker 😢


01. drink any time someone calls out an idol in their rap.
02. drink any time someone includes “show me the money” in their rap.
03. drink any time someone compliments/swoons over/forgets their lyrics due to/generally loses their shit over how handsome gray is.
04. two drinks for every outlandishly dressed rapper ( i.e. strawberry man )
05. drink any time simon d makes a dad joke.
06. drink for recognizable crew signs ( illionaire, adv, etc - solidarity )
07. drink for censored words/tattoos. ( only recommended if death is your end goal )
08. english.
09. drink any time someone dabs.
10. three drinks for zion t if he removes his glasses.

@ijustwannarhyme for the subs we appreciate it my bro.