Out Today: Doctor Aphra #1, Uber: Invasion #1 and The Wicked + the Divine #24

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve just written a bunch about this in my newsletter, which you can see in the archive (and sign up for, if you wanna.)

The not-so-Good Doctor returns in DOCTOR APHRA #1. Adventures! Felonies! Murderous robots! Euphemisms for pooping! Awesome hats! Also, Kevin Walker makes it look amazing and Salva pops in to set our child forward into the world with an excellent back-up story.

(As usual with Marvel launches, this is a dollar more expensive, but with 10 pages more content than usual.)

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

After a time away, we return with Volume 2 of Uber. I wrote a lot about this in the newsletter, which I urge you to go over to have a nose at. In short: this is a clean jumping on place for Uber, and works hard to get everyone up to speed. Uber is entirely unlike anything else I write, and unlike anything else being published in the genre. If you think you can bear it, I encourage you to investigate.

Available from your local shop, or Comixology. There’s also a preview in that Comixology link too.

And IMPERIAL PHASE kicks off proper, with full on comics.  You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image. You can read the preview here.

Hope you dig ‘em.


Imagine: having a crush on Petyr Baelish and then noticing him looking at you at every single dinner and feast.

You: I really appreciate that you invited me, my queen. 

Margery: Oh, it´s a pleasure Y/N. But don´t thank me. *smiles* Lord Baelish practically begged for you to make us company this evening… Or shall I say every single evening? *laughs*

You: I´m sorry… I´m afraid I don´t understand. *sighs nervously* Did you say Lord Baelish?

Margery: Haven´t you noticed the way he always looks at you? *smirks*

You: *looks around and notices Petyr starring to you* 

Margery: Told you. *winks*

You: *blushes*

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