gillen went there

The Wicked + The Divine #16 annotations:

Page 2

panel 1

This page has the same structure as and even similar content to 15:6.

It’s reminiscent of a lot of shots in cinema and comics: The Silence of the Lambs and The Avengers, for example. But the particular context of a shapeshifting woman with an equally shifting personality, demure to dangerous, brought M'rrgla Qualtz from Top Ten to mind.

Of course, Gillen provided a specific referent in his Writer Notes* for the issue:

The cage is inspired by one specific section of the Alexander McQueen exhibit that was in London recently. This ornate detailing surrounding these fashion-model dummies.

The exhibit is “Savage Beauty” and the piece is almost certainly:

panel 2

In the #fuckingbaphomet panel Morrigan shifts to Badb. The panels speak to one another across issues. They even share the supersaturated lighting

*Gillen’s Writer Notes went up the day after release, so they inform all of these annotations to some extent.