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Before you defend males being witches I think you need to step back and realize why people are hesitant about involving males in witchcraft. Historically males were the ones burning and murdering females for witchcraft. It's no coincidence why women are more strongly associated with life/death, magic, etc. It's not transphobic to say this and that men deserve no acceptance in something women were persecuted (and in some areas still are). Women own witchcraft.

I’m sorry if you thought you’d be informing me of something I had no clue of,  but earnestly this whole “Women own witchcraft” is the very most idiotic, Euro centric argument I have ever heard in Witch Discourse.

You need to get off your racist, sexist high horse right this instant.

I’ve done research and experienced witchcraft in my own culture and have knowledge of the witch hunts of the 1600s. It’s not a case of “The evil males murdering women!!!” It was a case of both women and men who used their religion to murder people horrifically and senselessly out of ignorance and fear. Both genders were the perpetrators and victims, both genders were the victims. Some women are more in tune to their spirituality and open to witchcraft due to the way western culture has brought women and men act. In other cultures, men are more likely to be spiritual leaders, or it may be perfectly egalitarian. 

Saying that women own witchcraft because men in their culture fucked shit up for witches is essentially saying that atheists and pagans alone own witchcraft because Christians fucked shit up for witches. 

Saying that women own witchcraft is like saying that poc own witchcraft because of imperialism’s damage to poc’s culture. 

Saying that women own witchcraft is like saying that only people born to witch families own witchcraft.

Inherently, all people, males included, have the same amount of spiritual potential and energy. The way some people’s witchcraft works is recognizing that we are all witches, we are all beings with energies and spirituality and we choose to develop and partake in our own. Blocking off half the population for crimes they did not commit is disgusting.

Not to mention how GODDAMN RACIST THIS IS!

I come from Miami, and in Miami I’ve experienced a lot of the Santeria culture. Here, people mostly talk about it when there’s dead chickens washing up on shores after sacrifices or when dead animals are dropped off in bags at the courthouse, and I’m going to assume that you think witchcraft is revamped spells from the 1600s where animal bones are cutely replaced with some other herb followed by crystals sitting on the shelf.


Santería is a culture of witches. Santería is very valid witchcraft, it is sometimes bloody and not cute and not adapted to Western Culture but that is the goddamn point. There are males that practice witchcraft in this culture, in fact leaders of all genders.

Native Indigenous culture have had Shamanism and related spiritualistic religions, there are so many tribes where witchcraft comes in the forms of women, men and non binary people such as the complex Two Spirit identity doing rituals, sacrifices, meditations… witchcraft is the practice of magick, and guess who practices magick?

These babies! See the things in grey! Those are called non western civilizations! Theses are places where thousands of individual communities exist, all with their own religions and native cultures! And most of them have all practiced some form of magick! Both men and women and non binary people!

If you’re a crystal witch, male or female or nonbinary Shamans probably made or sold you your crystals. Your lore could be from a Jewish Rabbi, of Jewish Mysticism. Or the Muslim intertwining of pagan and occultism. Or it could be the literal God Of Witchcraft, Thoth, in Egyptian culture. It could be an Alchemist, such as Gilles de Rais or Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, all males murdered for their practicing witchcraft. The masks and skulls bought may very well be from Ghana tribes that were used as Talismans, or certain artifacts and rituals may come from Benin, West African tribes and communities. 

You do not, never have, never will own witchcraft. No one ever will. And if you think men should be excluded, then only female, magick inherited African tribes victim to imperialism should own witchcraft.

Thank you for reading, and fuck Euro Centric supremacy.

Here’s a list of weird/strange articles on wikipedia in no particular order for you to read and just add more useless knowledge in your puny human brain. General murder/death trigger warning for most.

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Makai Ouji 30 Days Challenge
Day 25 - Pick A Quote
I don’t know what kind of moving story you were expecting, but did you think I became a demon just so I can see Jeanne? […] Yes, that’s right. Of course, I want to see her. I want to see her, then cover her in blood […] Roughly and cruelly… that is my only wish. I’ll send her to oblivion with my own hands!

I haven’t seen you since Rouen… Jeanne…

Gilles de Rais and Jeanne D’Arc from Makai Ouji~Devils and Realist. Pillar 85: Then the two find their way…   

Well, finally, after one month or a bit more (-_-U), I can post this ^o^!!! I should say that I’m not totally happy with the result, but I had already started, so I was need finished it. Well, I hope you like it  ^3^y!!!!  

Even more Moe History!

To celebrate so many followers I thought I would share some of my favourite anime that use or reference historical figures.

Sekko Boys - 

 The busts of Saint George, Medici, Hermes and Mars are an up and coming boy band. Yes they speak as if they really were the historical figure, no they don’t move, they are statues which require their manager to carry them around. This is quite a short anime, the episodes are only about ten minutes long which makes the bizarreness of it all the more pronounced.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist -

This anime pulls more from Christian mythology, in particular it takes from the Lesser Key of Solomon and the 72 demons listed. Some of the historical figures shown are King Solomon, Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais. It’s a fun anime that is very much more about the visual than making sure the plot makes sense or that they maintain the time period.

Classicaloid -

I haven’t managed to finish watching all the episodes yet but this is definitely one of my current favourites. Almost all of the colourful characters are classical composers, the main two in the image above are Beethoven and Mozart though Chopin, Liszt, Bach and more make appearances. The only way to describe it is magical girl composers.

Gintama -

If you haven’t heard of Gintama before go watch it and if you have heard of it go watch more of it! Based on Japan’s Edo period except instead of America forcing open their borders it was aliens. Most of the characters are based off real people though it is rarely referenced as they prefer to parody other anime and current trends more so than anything.

the signs and criminal activity

Based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. With reference to how many crimes have been committed by each sign there is a list from most dangerous to least dangerous on a 1-12 scale. 1 is the most dangerous.

Crime role: Assassin, Hired criminal, Anarchist (violent)
Common crime: Head of the riot
Famous criminal(s): Eric Harris, Dylann Roof, Guy Fawkes, Kazuo Taoka, Adolf Hitler (cusp)
Danger number: 4

Crime role: Money launderer
Common crime: Jewelry theft
Famous criminal(s): HH Holmes, Jim Jones, Karla Homolka, Adolf Hitler (cusp), Lewis Powell, Bernie Madoff
Danger number: 2

Crime role: Fraudulent con artist
Common crime: Treason
Famous criminal(s): Jeffery Dahmer, David Berkowitz, Peter Sutcliffe, Richard Chase, El Chino
Danger number: Surprisingly 12 (maybe enough of you haven’t been caught)

Crime role: Passion killer, Kidnapper
Common crime: Kidnapping
Famous criminal(s): Lizzy Borden, Jodi Arias, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Jordan Belfort, Brutus
Danger number: 1

Crime role: Manipulator (gets others to commit the crime for them), Famed based criminal
Common crime: Bank fraud and unpaid credit card charges
Famous criminal(s): Elizabeth Bathory, Amy Fisher, Mata Hari, Myra Hindley
Danger number: 9

Crime role: Organizer of a criminal network
Common crime: Hacking and high-tech robbery
Famous criminal(s): Dylan Klebold, Jesse James, Ed Gein, Paul Bernardo, Frank Lucas
Danger number: 6

Crime role: Mass corrupter (hiding behind an organization)
Common crime: Ponzi scheme and identity Theft
Famous criminal(s): Bonnie Parker, Lee Harvey Oswald, Fred West, Richard III, Gilles de Rais
Danger number: 7

Crime role: Sadist, Contract killer (pulling strings behind the scenes)
Common crime: Stalking
Famous criminal(s): Vlad the Impaler, Charles Manson, Omar Mateen, David Parker Ray
Danger number: 9

Crime role: Prison-breaker, Robber
Common crime: Grand car theft and scams
Famous criminal(s): Ted Bundy, Billy the kid, Jared Fogle, Ed Kemper, Nero
Danger number: 3

Crime role: Ring leader
Common crime: Organized crime and embezzlement
Famous criminal(s): Al Capone, Ched Evans, Ian Brady, Frank James
Danger number: 5

Crime role: Hustler, Hacker
Common crime: Civil Disobedience
Famous criminal(s): Gary Ridgeway, Frank Costello, Frank Nitti, Pretty Boy Floyd
Danger number: 11

Crime role: Serial killer
Common crime: Substance abuse
Famous criminal(s): Anne Bonny, Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wournos, John Wayne Gacy, Osama bin Laden
Danger number: 10