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RIHANNA TAKES FLIGHT - photography: Mariano Vivanco - fashion editor: Mel Ottenberg - hair: Yusef - makeup: Francesca Tolot - manicure: Jimmie Kyees - grooming: Rob Scheppy - production: Shelly Tassin - prop styling: Gille Mills - location: Santa Paula Airport, California - male models: Adonis, Deryl George, Matthew Nosa & Tom Pricone - Harper’s Bazaar March 2017

  • “There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer. Amelia Earhart was such a dynamic force in her industry, setting multiple aviation records in her time. So it was a no-brainer for me to team up with Harper’s Bazaar in honor of a woman who held her own with the big boys.” ~ Rihanna

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menswear: School NYC flight jacket - Louis Vuitton jumpsuit - Linda Farrow sunglasses - Peter Nappi boots - Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci flight suit 

10,000 BC - paragraph 33b 

Not only is the hand a deterritorialized front paw; the hand thus freed is itself deterritorialized in relation to the grasping and locomotive hand of the monkey. The synergistic deterritorializations of other organs (for example, the foot) must be taken into account. So must correlative deterritorializations of the milieu: the steppe as an associated milieu more deterritorialized than the forest, exerting a selective pressure of deterritorialization upon the body and technology (it was on the steppe, not in the forest, that the hand was able to appear as a free form, and fire as a technologically formable matter).

from paragraph 33 of 10,000 BC. Translated by Brian Massumi.

10,000 BC pgph 34

On the other hand, language becomes the new form of expression … The substance involved is fundamentally vocal substance, which brings into play various organic elements: not only the larynx, but the mouth and lips, and the overall motricity of the face. Once again, a whole intensive map must be accounted for: the mouth as a deterritorialization of the snout (the whole “conflict between the mouth and the brain,” as Perrier called it); the lips as a deterritorialization of the mouth (only humans have lips, in other words, an outward curling of the interior mucous membranes; only human females have breasts, in other words, deterritorialized mammary glands: the extended nursing period advantageous for language learning is accompanied by a complementary reterritorialization of the lips on the breasts, and the breasts on the lips). What a curious deterritorialization, filling one’s mouth with words instead of food and noises. The steppe, once more, seems to have exerted strong pressures of selection: the “supple larynx” is a development corresponding to the free hand and could have arisen only in a deforested milieu where it is no longer necessary to have gigantic laryngeal sacks in order for one’s cries to be heard above the constant din of the forest. To articulate, to speak, is to speak softly …  The form of expression, as language, also crosses a threshold.

from paragraph 34, 10,000 BC. Translated by Brian Massumi

10,000 BC paragraph 35, b.

Translation should not be understood simply as the ability of one language to “represent” in some way the givens of another language, but beyond that as the ability of language, with its own givens on its own stratum, to represent all the other strata and thus achieve a scientific conception of the world. The scientific world {Welt, as opposed to the Umwelt of the animal) is the translation of all of the flows, particles, codes, and territorialities of the other strata into a sufficiently deterritorialized system of signs, in other words, into an overcoding specific to language.

translation by Brian Massumi

10,000 BC paragraph 35a

Vocal signs have temporal linearity, and it is this superlinearity that constitutes their specific deterritorialization and differentiates them from genetic linearity. Genetic linearity is above all spatial, even though its segments are constructed and reproduced in succession; thus at this level it does not require effective overcoding of any kind, only phenomena of end-to-end connection, local regulations, and partial interactions (overcoding takes place only at the level of integrations implying different orders of magnitude).That is why Jacob is reluctant to compare the genetic code to a language; in fact, the genetic code has neither emitter, receiver, comprehension, nor translation, only redundancies and surplus values.  The temporal linearity of language expression relates not only to a succession but to a formal synthesis of succession in which time constitutes a process of linear overcoding and engenders a phenomenon unknown on the other strata: translation, translatability, as opposed to the previous inductions and transductions.

from paragraph 35, 10,000 BC. Translated by Brian Massumi.

10,000 BC paragraph 36

The third stratum sees the emergence of Machines that are fully a part of that stratum but at the same time rear up and stretch their pincers out in all directions at all the other strata. Is this not like an intermediate state between the two states of the abstract Machine?—the state in which it remains enveloped in a corresponding stratum (ecumenon), and the state in which it develops in its own right on the destratified plane of consistency (planomenon). The abstract machine begins to unfold, to stand to full height, producing an illusion exceeding all strata, even though the machine itself still belongs to a determinate stratum.

Translated by Brian Massumi


‘New York Dolls’ model: Ola Rudnicka, Esmeralda Saey-Reynolds - photographer: Boo George - fashion editor: Giovanna Battaglia - hair: Shay Ashual - make-up: Hiromi Ueda - nails: Fleury Rose -set design: Gille Mills -  W Magazine September 2014

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