100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #74

Jean “Moebius” Giraud (1938-2012)

Country: France

Famous for: Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant, Arzach, L’Incal, Blueberry, The Airtight Garage, Alien, The Fifth Element, Dune, City of Fire, Edena, Silver Surfer, Tron, Les Maitres du Temps, Willow, The Abyss

Influenced: Geof Darrow, Phillippe Druillet, Phillippe Caza, Hayao Miyazaki, Katsuhiro Otomo, Enki Bilal, Tanino Liberatore, Milo Manara, Georges Bess, William Stout, Arno, José Ladronn, Juan Gimenez, Sylvain Despretz, Ridley Scott, Richard Corben, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Mike Mignola, Mark Bode, Katsuya Terada, Frank Cho, Vittorio Giardano, Frank Miller, Brandon Graham, Brendan McCarthy, Francois Schuiten, Marc Bati, Francois Boucq, Frank Quitely, Neil Gaiman, Paul Pope, Mike Allred, Phil Noto, Killian Eng, George Lucas, Blade Runner, William Gibson, Federico Fellini, Sci-Fi and Fantasy culture, concept art, animation and comics as a whole

Influenced by: Gustave Doré, Jijé, Jean-Claude Mezieres, Possibly Virgil Finlay, Will Eisner, Frederic Remington, Western Comics, Herge, Art Nouveau, 

Jean Giraud, widely known by his pen-names Moebius and Gir, was a French comic illustrator and author, considered to be one of the most influential artists in the industry across the entire globe. Growing up in German-occupied France, Giraud found solace and escape in a small local theater that would play an abundance of American B-Westerns, which is where he’d develop a love for the genre. In 1954, Giraud received his only technical training at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, where he’d produce western comics, much to the disappointment of his teachers. It is here where he’d meet close friend and fellow artist, Jean-Claude Méziéres (co-creator of Valerian). Giraud would not graduate and left the school in 1956. In the late 1950s, Giraud was drawing his own western strip for the magazine, Far West, very much influenced by the works of his later mentor, Joseph “Jijé” Gillain. In the 1960s, he developed the Lieutenant Blueberry character with Jean-Michel Charlier, a title he’d work on under the pseudonym, Gir until 1974. This is partly due to Giraud wanting to explore  and develop the work of his Moebius alter-ego, as he had a growing interest in science-fiction and fantasy. That same year, Moebius, along with artist Phillipe Druillet and writer, Jean-Pierre Dionnet created the comic anthology magazine, Métal Hurlant (”Screaming Metal”) under the collective Les Humanoides Associes. Such stories published in the publication were The Long Tomorrow, Arzach and The Airtight Garage. Metal Hurlant would later become known as Heavy Metal Magazine in the U.S. becoming a bastion for adult-oriented illustrated stories, with a focus on genre imagery. In 1980, Moebius worked with frequent collaborator, Alejandro Jodorowsky on the acclaimed L’Incal series. A couple of years later, Moebius would start collaborating on an ambitious portfolio with pupil, Geof Darrow, entitled City of Fire. Aside from working with Marvel Comics and other publishers, Moebius worked on a slew of films from the 70s-90s as a concept artist. These films include Alien, Tron, The Abyss, Willow, The Fifth Element and Jodorowsky’s unrealized adaption of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Moebius’ work is categorized by a range of qualities, producing incredibly simple work and exceptionally detailed work alike, both in the tradition of ligne claire, and hatch-heavy linework. 

Sadly, Moebius passed away in 2012 after a long battle with cancer, though his legacy has only gotten more celebrated since. Ridley Scott is known for having said that Moebius’ sci-fi imagery is so influential that everything made in the genre now either directly or indirectly shares his DNA, with concepts inspired by or even stolen in such properties as Star Wars, Halo and Nausicaa and everything in-between. Celebrated artists, authors, directors, animators and illustrators such as Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) , Federico Fellini (8 ½, Amarcord), William Gibson (Neuromancerand Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA) have cited him as a primary or strong influence on their work(s). 


“Before, I could only trust myself. Now I can only trust you, and they’ve taken you away from me.”

aspiegirlnamedulia  asked:

Have any of y'all heard of the Asperger’s syndrome diagnostic scale? Or the Gillian aspergers disorders scale? Or the gillain autism rating scale- second edition? When I was nine, that's what they used to diagnosed me.

I am familiar with them, yes. I believe that the ASDS is currently deprecated and was not updated for the DSM-V (though I could be wrong), while GARS-3 is the current version of the Gilliam test.

GARS-3 is 56 question test, I believe, for toddler to young adult age, usually reported by parents / teachers / or self. I assume that GARS-2 was similar, just based on the DSM-IV-R.

- Sam



Placing the last box down in her room, Gillain finally span in a wide circle inspecting it, Sophomore buildings were so much nicer than the freshmen’s shabby old buildings about a block away, and instead of sharing a room you technically shared a lovely flat, along with getting a flatmate along with it… 

In short she had her own room, and couldn’t wait to meet her roommate, but first some food shopping would have to be done…. Well shopping in general, and she had at least a couple of hours to do that in. 

Brushing her hands off, she stepped out in to the living room area just as the front door swung open, “Hi?” 

Snow Storms


The slash that echos through the ice rink is deafening, to her ears at least, no slow music or anything upbeat, just silence and it terrifies her. 

Looking up she can see the woman with her arms crossed and the shake of her head…. That of course is the moment she wakes up every time to her alarm blaring, and the traffic outside greeting her ears. 

She’s breathing heavy, before an arm wraps around her, tugging her back further into the bed, “Dreams.” Her best friend mutters in her ear, and she nods. 

“Form you idiot!” She almost yells at Joe from her place at the each of the rink, “I mean seriously, you want to win gold with that crap?” He glared at her, before he fixed the form flawlessly before making the jump arms raised. 

Gillain smiles satisfied, Joe flipping her off the moment he landed making her laugh and draw attention from other skaters hanging about, the murmuring of rumours and chatter the moment she was recognised. 

“I really hate you sometimes, but that was the best jump I’ve ever done.” 

“Eh, you can do better.” He flipped her off again. 

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American Psycho was the best srsly. I dont now what even happens in my life. We saw Catherine Tate yesterday walking in a coffee shop and TODAY KAREN GILLAIN WAS IN AMERICAN PSYCHO BEHIND US

god I cant. I cant even with their adorableness. At the curtain call Matt saw Karen and pointed at her AND HE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HER

We took a picture with Karen and she is srsly such a baby and so so so so nice. I’m not even kidding.

And weeeell to Karen and Matt: They talked to eachother after the performance for around  10 minutes or so? Dont really know but when Matt saw her he hugged Karen (♥) and went through her hair with his hand and was so amused about her short hair. And they laughed and were just so happy to see eachother I might cry