Important things Talking Preacher has taught us:

•Graham McTavish’s Achilles heel is the Calvary sword.
•Joseph Gilgun Naired his entire body and now his “balls are immaculate.”
•Cassidy and Fiore “probably” had sex. It was discussed at length in the writer’s room.
•Tulip would probably kick Cassidy and Jesse’s asses in a fight, although Jesse is “pretty badass.”


Preacher S02E02 - Mumbai Sky Tower

Alright, three possible explanations here for all of this. Number one: Terminator. Machine sent from the future to kill one of us. Number two: Terminator 2. Machine sent from the future to kill all three of us. Or number three: it’s Nazgûl, Fell Riders. Lord of the Rings. Brilliant film.


Julip: Jesse breaking the door down with his bare hands to have some sexy time with Tulip. (This scene was everything!)

O'Cassidy: Cassidy and Tulip getting drinks in the gas station. (The look he gives her is so cute!)

Jessidy: Jesse getting Cassidy out of the handcuffs. (Look at that scene from another angle and it looks like he’s doing something else)

O'Jessidy: All three of our weirdos sharing a bed together. (My heart!)