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heyyy i was wondering if you could help me find a picture? it's joe gilgun as cassidy, and he's leaning on tulip's chevelle and he has an umbrella over his head and he's smiling... i've searched forever for this picture, and i neeeeed it, but i can't find it. (a link or something would be amazing if you could help me. thank you so much!!)

I think you are talking about this picture, right? This is an original from (at least I found it at this website).

I don’t cry in my life. I don’t allow Joe. Joseph doesn’t get to cry, so, by the time it comes to a character, I love that, man, it’s such a release, I am very sensitive. I’ve got bi-polar. I suffer.


AMC PREACHER - Seth Rogen Parody

I cannot believe I have never seen this before jesus christ