In lieu of National Coming Out Day, I am officially coming out as gender fluid (to my close friends and Tumblr only, sadly…baby steps though!).

For a while now, I’ve been fairly uncomfortable with using my given name online, due to it being rather gender specific. However, now that I am out, I am perfectly fine with letting others know that my name is Erik/Erika, or more simply put, Erik(a). (however, I still would prefer to be called by my online nicknames, Jerkface and/or Gilgaa) As for pronouns, I am fine with he/him, she/her, and they/them. A good part of the time I am androgynous, so I really have no preference.

I eventually hope to come out to my peers at school before the end of my portfolio class next semester. The graphics above are part of a fold out card that I want to be able to hand out to others, to inform them more about my identity. So please, if anyone has any questions about gender fluidity or questions you think would be prudent to include and answer in this mini informative brochure, send them my way, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. It is my hope to educate and bring a better understanding of gender fluidity to others.

[Also, a disclaimer; as I stated above, I created this set of graphics specifically for my personal identity as gender fluid, and the definition above may or may not define other gender fluids. The correct definition encompassing all gender fluids would be ‘an individual that shifts between two or more different gender identities/expressions at different times or in different situations.' I personally fluctuate between male/female/androgynous, whereas others may identify with a completely different set of genders.]