Fall Out Boy - Monumentour 6/30/14 Gilford, NH

These are all the pictures I took of the drum off at my second Monumentour show. For this one I was on the right side of the pit about 10 feet from the stage. I was right in front of Patrick, which is why they’re mostly of him. Plus, I love him. I was actually really surprised that I got such a good one of Andy considering he was on the other side of the stage and I am super short. Really happy I got such good, clear pictures of Patrick (oh, the faces *swoon*), but kind of pissed at myself for not just enjoying the moment. Still, I have these beautiful things to look at and remember forever.

Gilford the Legend
Cannot be Special Summoned. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can equip as many Equip Spell Cards from your Graveyard as possible to a Warrior-Type monster(s) you control.
Can Be Found In: Structure Deck: Warrior’s Triumph (SD5-EN001), World Championship 2010 Card Pack (WCPP-EN013), Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack (LCJW-EN044)

Equip Spells might be the least used cards in the game due their fragility and reliability on monsters to work. However, some archetypes like Vylon and Noble Knights try to add them into their strategies, while some builds tries to setup a powerful creature with as many equipment as possible. The latter is very riskful as any disruptive effect against the monster and/or Equip Spells can throw all their plans, but if manages to go through is clearly that even the smallest creature can become a powerhouse in stats and some additional effects.

“Gilford the Legend” encourages players to use Equip Spells for what could be a late turn comeback with its arrival. “Gilford” cannot be Special Summoned, but if we manage to Normal Summon him will retrieve as many Equip Spells as possible in our graveyard. Then, said Spells will be equipped to any Warrior-Type monsters on the field, which includes himself if he enters alone on the field. “Gilford” might require some preparatives to obtain its full potential, but until then we can simply play arround our Equip Spells for later on get them all back for himself and other Warriors.

The main problem “Gilford” has to go through is that cannot be Special Summoned whatsoever, so we have to get some tools for his summoning. “The First Monarch” can be hidden in our backrow so next turn activate and become the full cost for a Tribute Summon, but be aware that needs a card to change attribute so try to dump a Equip Spell if possible. “Mausoleum of the Emperor” instead will allow us to pay Life Points to avoid using any tributes. We can also take this opportunity to get rid of opponent monsters by “The Monarchs Stormforth” using them as tributes. Although in most circumstances is preferable to avoid using tributes, if we go for the Tribute Summon route we can get support from cards like “The Monarchs Erupt” or “The Dominion of the Legendary Monarch” to limit the opponent’s monster options. In the meantime, cards like “Hidden Armory” and “Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu” will look for Equip Spells to use until “Gilford” arrive on later turns.

The outcomes arround “Gilford the Legend” really depends of the Equip Spells we use as well what Warriors are in our field. Obviously, “Gilford” alone can become a very menacing creature once retrieves all Equip Spells for himself, which can go from mass ATK boosts by “Mage Power” and “Magnum Shield” or additional effects by “Fairy Meteor Crush” and “Tokkosho of Ghost Destroying”. On the other hand we can use said Spells and others to aid Warriors we already have on the field, reducing the risk a single monster takes all the gear for itself. On the other hand, “Armed Samurai - Ben Kei” can get full support of “Gilford” arrival to retrieve and equip as many cards as possible and gain several attacks, most likely able to finish off the opponent on his own. You can also mix certain themes to get back key equipment once “Gilford” is summoned, like Gemini monsters regaining “Supervise” or Noble Knights reusing their Noble Arms cards. Finally, “Release Restraint Wave” can use one of the Equip Spells as cost for its activation and destroy as much opponent backrow as possible, specially useful if “Gilford” or another Warrior is taking all the equipment for themselves as will avoid any countermeasures.

“Gilford the Legend” might’ve ended in obscurity quite fast, but that doesn’t mean he can become quite the menace. A Deck full of Equip Spells and Warriors will play normally and boost their creatures for later on “Gilford” summoning  retrieve their gear for himself and/or other monsters and keep the pressure in battles. Obviously this means that “Gilford” will require some preparatives to get the best from him, as unless we start milling our Deck in most Duels we’ll be boosting our monsters with equipment to make his appearance in late game. The true problem is his Normal Summon limitation, as although has some Tribute Summon tools to rely on they just add to the number of cards in the Deck to solely work arround this monster. “Gilford the Legend” has a lot of potential to make a huge impact in the Duel depending of what Equip Spells we play with, but due his requeriments and summoning pretty much will needs his own build.

Personal Rating: B

+ Retrieves as many Equip Spells as possible for himself and other Warriors
+ Can become a terrifying creature by getting all the Equip Spells for himself
+ Several options for his summoning as we gather Equip Spells

- In most circumstances will only become ready in late game
- Can only be Normal Summoned
- Pretty much requires his own build