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Honestly you could pluck Angel entirely out of this scene for me, and I don’t even mean that as someone lukewarm to romance THOUGH ALSO THAT. I just don’t feel he brings a whole lot to it other than Buffy’s accusatory “What do you know about it? YOU’RE NEVER GONNA DIE.” Which is so beautiful and true and hurtful, and I wish they’d better explored that idea between Buffy and Angel for more than being the wedge that makes him leave for his own spin-off. (Also David Boreanaz is just NOT anywhere close to Tony Head and SMG’s acting level and he falls almost embarrassingly short here in my opinion, BUT I DIGRESS.)

The real meat of this scene is Buffy and Giles: Buffy for her outburst, and Giles for bearing witness to it. I love how her questions to Giles hang there unanswered, and how they spiral so quickly.

“I wonder who she is.” A moment of compassion for someone she doesn’t know, WILL NEVER know, who is about to be given this cruel fate and has no idea what’s waiting for her. Whose own life is about to end, just as surely as Buffy’s will.

“Will you train her?” Can I relate to her for a moment, to how you were with me? Will you mention me to her? Will she know who I am? Will you remember me enough to tell her? Did I matter enough to try? (And the exquisite flash of pain that crosses Giles’ face at the thought of someone just stepping in to replace Buffy. Of having to go through this all. over. again.)

“Does it say how he’s gonna kill me?” She laughs a bit here, like it’s a joke, like she wondered what certain doom was waiting for her in the cafeteria lunch today. Like she can’t believe these are the words coming out of her mouth. And how she so desperately doesn’t want to know, she doesn’t want to ask what’s coming next, she DOESN’T, but she has to.

“Do you think it’l hurt?” And there’s where she loses it and so do I. Sarah delivers this line with such perfection. So afraid and so innocent. Nobody should have to ask this question, but especially not a girl barely in high school. And it’s like if she has to die, then she has to die. But god, what if it HURTS? It’s so visceral to me. And she sounds like a child pleading with her parent to keep the pain away, to save her, But nobody can, and as she lashes out at Angel’s attempt at comfort, it’s when the anger comes full force.

Buffy goes through so fucking much here, and we feel every single emotion. The twists the stories and characters make, I found in later seasons it could be so difficult to connect with Buffy. But this moment, this fucking moment. I come back here sometimes, and I wonder, just how much of this little girl ever really went away.

Giles X MC - Golden Bells

To those who requested Giles fluff.


Up the marble stairs, to the East Wing. Third corridor on the right, last door on the left. Like a map on the back of his hand, Giles could find her room blind, in the dark, or even backwards. Locking his eyes on the passing marble tiles, he used this profound skill to mindlessly wander through the castle; muscle memory leading him the chamber he’s visited many a time.

After tomorrow, she will no longer be the princess.

His heart thrummed in his chest as his hands attempted to relax before they clenched into fists.

She’ll be Queen.

Blips of memories flashed through his mind. The first day he saw her, her eyes were wide with curiosity as she held herself with uncertainty, unsure for whatever may come her way. Today, her eyes were sharp and full of wisdom as she stood firmly on the ground with her head held high.

Before he knew it, she had chosen her Prince Consort and now she was getting married, ready to take over when the King was ready to pass. Preparations had kept Giles occupied, keeping him away from her. Days had passed, but he was accustomed to tasks keeping him busy for days on end, but it was different this time.

He felt the need to see as much of her as he could while she was still the princess. This unexplainable feeling swelled up in his chest, making it hard to breathe. The day the “princess and her tutor” roles would cease to exist seemed farther away, almost impossible.

Giles blinked, finding himself in front of her chamber door. His fingers stiffened as they wrapped around the golden knob. Steadying his hand, hoping to make as little noise as possible, he creaked the door open enough to pop his head in, the bright light of the newly risen sun escaping into the corridor.

The room was lit with an orange hue, illuminating a large figure in the corner, draped over with a lightweight fabric, protecting her wedding dress from dust or other debris. Scanning over to her bed, he was surprised to find it empty.


His gaze darted to her vanity, her eyes locked with his through the mirror. Still in her nightgown and her hair slightly disheveled, she turned around to smile at him.

“Princess, I’m impressed to see you up this early,” Giles spoke loudly enough for his voice to reach her ears.

“I just woke up, actually,” she yawned, stretching her arms up. “I still have a lot to do before tomorrow.”

“I see,” he grinned. “You’ve become so ambitious. May I come in?”

“Of course, I have a moment or two.”

Shutting the door behind him, he approached her as she sat in front of her large mirror, observing her as she examined her face. His wandering eye caught her hairbrush sitting at the edge of her drawers.

“May I?” he motioned his hand towards the brush elegantly, bowing in the process. Picking up the wooden brush, she pondered for a moment before her looking back at him through the mirror.

“You want to brush my hair?” she asked quizzically, raising a brow. Without hesitation, Giles slipped the brush from her grasp.

“You’ve always been so independent, Princess, but here soon, you’ll need to learn to rely on people to handle smaller tasks.”

“I’m positive that even as Queen, I’ll be able to spare a moment for a simple hair brushing,” she teased, but her attitude quickly faded as she noticed his solemn expression. “However, if you insist-”

“Thank you,” Giles face lit up as he began. She let out a happy sigh as she began to apply a small amount of make up.

Starting near the ends, the bristles effortlessly smoothed out her hair. Glancing down at a lock of her hair he held in his fingers, his eyes widened.

The sunlight hit her hair at the perfect angle, revealing all hues. Chocolates and bronzes seamlessly flowed together, and even a few strands of gold were hiding in the rivers of richness, resembling the bells that are set to ring tomorrow once she’s officially married.

“You’re so quiet this morning,” the princess giggled. “Normally, I can’t even-”

“This is last day that I serve as your tutor,” Giles tone dropped an octave as he interrupted her, his slender fingers bringing up the lock of hair he held so delicately to his lips. Through the corners of his eyes, he saw her smile fade in the mirror’s reflection. Whipping around in her chair, she looked up at him as her hair floated out of his grasp.

“Giles,” her soft whisper chilled his skin. His eyes locked onto her nearly trembling lips, anxiously waiting for her next words. “Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet…”

The words of concern only brought a reassuring grin to his lips. Tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, he cupped her cheek, keeping her eyes locked onto his.

“I have never been more certain about anything than I am right now,” his voice was as gentle as the thumb stroking her cheek, “Nothing would make me happier than to become your husband.”

“I see,” the princess responded as she placed her hand over his against her face, “then why do you seem hesitant?”

“Not at all. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, I only hope that you can be just as proud of me one day, not as your tutor, but as your King.”

“Giles, no one know more about running Wysteria than you! I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll always make the best decision for our country. You’ll be a fantastic King, and an even better husband.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

“Besides,” getting up from her seat, she stood up on her tip-toes and pressed her lips against his, her dainty fingers gripped his lapels as she pulled him deeper into the kiss. Her cheeks reddened as she pulled away from him. “There’s never a moment I’m not proud of you.”

“There’s never a moment when you don’t surprise me, Princess,” Giles enfolded her in his arms warmly, drawing her in for more kisses.

I tried doing a twist ending, but I’m not as good as @astridapples is at it :P Haha! I give myself B+ for effort!

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Hiya :D this is kind of a self insert lol how would the suitors react to a MC who looks younger than how she is? Like she's 19 but looks 10 XD

I’m so sorry for taking so long with this, please forgive me… and don’t worry about it being self-insert, if it applies to you, I’m sure it applies to other people as well~ Enjoy <3


  • “Hello, young miss, may I help you?”
  • The first time he sees you walk into the palace he thinks you’re a lost child or something
  • Little did he know that he had just unleashed your anger
  • So you tell him, not-so-politely, that you were indeed an ADULT
  • Immediately he’s apologising to you, but he can’t help smiling fondly at your adorable-ness
  • Even after you’ve become princess, he can’t help but be sweet to you
  • It’s slightly patronising, but you know he means well



  • “What a cute princess we have.”
  • Honestly at first he’d just think that you were the cutest thing
  • When he started to tutor you he’d tease you a little bit here and there
  • But he’d always take it seriously if anyone, including the bureaucrats, gave you any trouble
  • But after getting to know you, he’d see you as very reliable and someone that he could trust
  • You didn’t let your looks get in the way of being a great princess, and he loved that about you



  • “This is our new princess…?”
  • He wouldn’t believe it at first, thinking that it’s some sort of joke because you looked so young
  • It didn’t take long to explain that you just looked very young for your age
  • He was still a bit suspicious but quickly warmed up to you when he saw what a good job you were doing
  • He felt very fiercely protective over you too, walking a little too close to you when you went out to ‘make sure you didn’t get lost.’
  • In reality he just wanted to be near you because he thought you were cute and he liked it



  • “Hey kiddo, how ya doin’?”
  • Obviously he’d know that you’re a full adult but he’d say things like that often to annoy you
  • He gets a kick out your Grumpy Face™
  • Giles would always tell him off for teasing you, and while it did aggravate you, you learned to laugh along with him
  • If he ever did feel like you actually got offended though, he’d stop immediately
  • Despite the fact that he’d make fun, he’d let you know every once in a while that he did indeed see you as a grown-up



  • “Aren’t you too young to be the princess?”
  • This man wouldn’t miss a beat in telling you you couldn’t do it, a commoner and too young
  • It would take a while to convince him that you were the WOMAN for the job
  • Eventually he’d have to acknowledge your skills in ruling the country and so he’d slowly warm up to you
  • Being such an amazing person, and looking so adorable, it was a win-win for him
  • I can see Louis poking a little bit of fun here and there during dance lesson too



  • “You’re such a sprightly princess.”
  • I can just imagine that gentle smile of his as he watched over you as you fight hard to win the approval of all those around you
  • Seeing you trying your best even as the princess warmed his chest
  • He want to support you no matter what, regardless of what you looked like
  • I think Robert would react the least to your youthful face
  • Partly because he was already familiar with it, but also because he just saw past all of that very easily and looked at you from the inside



  • At first he wouldn’t understand, “what is this?”
  • He wouldn’t say or do anything though, logically reaching the conclusion that you’re probably just young looking for your age
  • There’s no way that Wysteria would make the new princess a child… right?
  • In the end I feel like it would be something that goes unmentioned, because at first he does’t know you well enough to say anything
  • but then when he gets to know you better he figures it’s better just not saying anything at all
  • Along with Rayvis, he’s react the least, just not seeing any point in making a big deal out of it



  • “So you’re the princess elect of Wysteria…”
  • When he first laid eyes on you in the ball, he naturally ignored you, looking for the princess
  • It wasn’t until either Giles or Albert points you out to him that he actually focuses on you
  • He was surprised, to say the least, you looked very young - I feel like he’d say it too
  • You tried not to be too angry, he was the king of the powerful-country-next-door, after all
  • Although he couldn’t miss the fire in your eyes as you told him you were an adult woman
  • He’d secretly like that spark, it showed potential and made him want to get to know you better



  • “Are you really capable of ruling a country?”
  • Of course you had Albert’s support from the start .-.
  • He was doubtful enough of you and your country as it was
  • You weren’t about to let the fact that you looked younger than you were become another reason for him to doubt you
  • So you continued to work diligently not letting him get to you
  • He had to admit that you were a very capable princess, maybe he was slightly impressed…



  • “You’re so cute, princess, we almost match!”
  • He’s honestly love your young appearance, I feel like he would be the most supportive and the least likely to tease
  • In a way, he would understand not being taking seriously because you looked/acted/were too young - he faced the same treatment
  • He would be just as supportive as normal, although he might give you more milk than necessary from time to time
  • Once you got closer, he’d probably do things like pick you up when you wanted to get high things, instead of getting you a stool/getting it himself, just to have an excuse to hold you and make you both giggle

I hope this way okay, please let me know :D

Do not repost/re-upload, screenshot or edit but please do like, reblog and share :D And remember that my requests are open (*/^▽^*)/

- Widzz

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What's your headcanon for how well the MC suitors take care of their pets?

Byron: He pets and feeds Spinner at 8:30 sharp. He has used some of Spinner’s feathers to write to people. When it is really cold outside, he puts his/her cage next to his bed, since he’d be really worried about Spinner getting cold.

Albert: Won’t acknowledge tying his shoes as Bunny ears because he thinks Benjamin will hear. Gives him carrots every single morning while he has his tea. Benjamin has a bed at the foot of the bed, but he ends up stealing Albert’s pillow, though he thinks he is too cute to move. He gives him a bath once a week. He also carries him over puddles. He can’t get his feet wet.

Alyn: Will bake Arthur a peanut butter cake for his birthday and refuses to ever miss it. Will not let Arthur in bed with him if he leaves him and goes to someone else when he calls for them. Brushes him with Leo’s comb when he gets too annoying.

Leo: Has learned to do impressions. He teaches them to Sebastian and gets others into trouble. Also made a keychain out of Sebastian feathers. Likes to make Sebastian have something on different days of the week to match his colors. Peppers on one day, mango on another. Sebastian has learned to sing Leo to sleep as well as make white noise.

Nico: Nico collects acorns from different places while traveling wondering if Chirol prefers them from a particular place. He/she? doesn’t. He keeps to acorn shells and builds bird houses out of them and puts them all over during his travels. Chirol does have a bed but prefers Nico pockets and socks.

Louis: Gets fresh food every single week because Lucia is his precious girl and she deserves the best. She has a cage, but he rarely closes the door. She has chewed off some of his hair before, but he loves her too much to care. She gets sung to by Louis when he feels bad he’s had a long day.

Sid: Jess gets dirty real quick and with white fur, it shows. She refuses to get bathed unless Sid sits in the bath tub with he while giving her one. Sid is always worried someone will walk in and see him in the bath. Sid grew up giving her his veggies cause he didn’t want to eat them. so Jess always thinks she’ll get food and is a brat when she doesn’t. She sleeps at Sid’s feet and he kisses her nose when he leaves.

Giles: Michaelangelo comes and goes. Sometimes Giles won’t see him for days. So when Michaelangelo does decide he wants attention Giles brushes him and gives him some boiled fish. It is ugly looking, but Michaelangelo always eats it. When he’s doing documents Michaelangelo has knocked over the ink before, but all Giles worries about is getting it off his fur. He sleeps wherever he wants. The balcony, the bench by the fountain, the kitchen, Giles’ face? He’s allowed

Robert: Amber is pretty relaxed overall. She has a stool next to his easel that she sits on while he paints. He’s done a couple of those handprint things. Where there is like a dad, then mom and then the babies handprint all stacked together to see the size difference. Though one tiny paw on his hand was cute. It has also been painted and placed as his signature before. She really likes apples as Amber as she is. She has stolen mice from Michaelangelo before. She cuddles in the crook of Robert’s neck when he sleeps. He rolled over onto her once and felt so bad he actually overfed her.

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what cute and/or stupidly cheesy pet names would the suitors call the princess? (Like darling, sugar, angel, babygirl, etc hahaha)

*The suitors both have the normal (honey, sweetheart) endearment for the princess but they also have those embarrassing, ridiculous ones. I’m doing the latter. :3

Baby Girl belongs only and only to Penelope Garcia. Criminal Minds (and MorCia) fan here! ;)

Louis: applesauce [and he says this with a straight face]

Giles: kitten [coupled with wiggling of brows]

Albert: bunny-muffin [he saw the princess and Benjamin sharing a muffin one time. Wait, rabbits don’t eat muffins! Or do they?]

Leo: baby doll [because it annoys her to be called a doll]

Alyn: cookie/biscuit [he was on the verge of calling her ‘ice cream’ as well idk why]

Sid: pumpkin [because, according to him, Cinderella’s coach was a pumpkin]

Robert: sweetpea [what is this– i don’t even–]

Nico: gummy bear [after she introduced the candy to him; also shows how much he wants to eat her lol]

Byron: starfish [yeah, he originally called her ‘star’ but accidentally added the 'fish’ and it sort of stuck]

Operation Strawberry: failed

“Nico! I can’t possibly do that! It wouldn’t be appropriate!” I exclaimed, shocked by the suggestion my butler just made.

“And why not? I did at least ten times…with Albert!” he responded unfazed.

“Dear Lord! I couldn’t possibly poison Giles just for a few days off really! What kind of person would I be?” I panicked

“ A person that gets what he wants! A person like me.” answered Nico looking straight into my eyes.

I suddenly didn’t really want to drink my tea anymore. I placed the cup back on the table and reflected on what Nico had just told me. Strategically speaking weakening an enemy to obtain victory was the best option. But we were talking about Giles. Apart the fact that I was convinced he was immortal I couldn’t possibly poison my adviser, my ally in front of all the bureaucrats. There had to be another way than poisoning and blackmailing him with the antidote to obtain a day off.

“Or we could still go back to operation honey pot?” suggested Nico with a frown.

“No the idea of using his weakness is perfect, but we picked the wrong one… We’re talking about Giles not Sid, so he won’t budge when it comes to women. That kinky royal adviser has a bigger weakness than those nice legs of mine.” I triumphally said.

Giles had a sweet tooth. Desserts were always his favorite part of the menu. He was worse than Nico really, but he had the skill to hide it very well. The only thing I had to do was to tempt him with a delicious chocolate-strawberry cake and strike while he was savoring him. By striking I obviously meant ask him to let me go on vacation, not literally strike him with a blade. Nico had somewhat misunderstood that.

Knowing my cooking was worse than my flirting skills, I went down town to buy the sugary bait. The baker was kind enough to help me personalize it a bit. It wouldn’t harm to make it seem like I made it, so I added a few blueberries and I nice message on top of it. Nico had remained at the castle to spy on our target. When I came back, he told me Giles had retired to his room for a little break. The timing was just to perfect. Sweet! (No pun intend.)

“A cake for me? But I just had lunch.” asked Giles surprised, but I just saw a sparkle in your eyes.

“But I went through so much trouble just to make it for you.” I pouted a bit.

“Fine! But just one bite.” he sighed and after a few minutes. “You still won’t go on vacation though.”

“But Giles, can’t you at least arrange for one day off. Please! I rea-“ I suddenly stop begging when I noticed Giles face was turning beat read.

He then started coughing and gasping for air. It was frightful sight and I immediately called for the doctor. After a while, Giles managed to whisper something: “Strawberries”.  That man could be saying his last word and the only thing he managed to say was a fruit’s name, why must his love for dessert take him away like this really? The doctor finally gave me some explanation regarding Giles’ cryptic message.

“It appears that he has an allergic reaction caused by the strawberries he just ate.”

“Will he recover? Will he…die?” I asked looking at Giles’ cheeks who were dramatically puffing up.

“I just gave him some medication. The swelling and the coughing should go away in a few hours.”

After he left, I decided to nurse him until he fell asleep. Giles had been mumbling a few words but because of his swollen cheeks, I understood “Bubble” which may have meant “Trouble”. I still can’t get over the fact that I accidentally poisoned him.

Side note: I can picture the princess poking his cheeks while he’s asleep :3 Also I hope it doesn’t bother anyone that I use the first person perspective (we say it like that in French but I don’t know the English term for it).

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019. — Bite my muse.

The struggle to fight on tainted his thoughts when he was disarmed at such startling speeds. Gun slapped to the side and silver stake thrown like a dart into the ceiling. Then teeth sunk into the center of his neck and he managed a CRY— a scream of agony that was whisked from his lips as his throat was all but crushed between cruel jaws. It happened so fast— it HURT so much. Hands desperately grabbed and tugged at the vampire, trying to rip himself free. The world grew fuzzy and he could FEEL blood oozing past the creature’s lips and down his flesh. Jowls finally unlocked themselves from the hunter’s neck only for a balled fist to collide into his stomach. Pulling a strained and broken rasp of pain from him.

A clawed backhand quickly followed. Tearing neat and deep gashes across Giles’ cheek.

Giles collapsed on his knees before the creature, dark crimson spitting past parted busted lips, choking up a fit of dampened coughs. Shaken arms tried to assist in shoving himself up. Brute kick immediately meet his side— something CRACKED against booted toes. Another cry from the hunter.

The monster wasn’t looking to kill him. Not yet. It just wanted to see how long he could toy with him till he stopped trying to stand again.

He was forced down onto his back— straddled and trapped. A hand closed over his mouth and nose. Nearly impossible to breath. Head was SHOVED back, exposing his wounded and tender neck. The hunter weakly struggled against whatever was to be done to him next. Arms flailing, legs kicking. Something was crammed into the shredded skin, something HOT and SCORCHING. Though there was a hand over his mouth, muffling his whines and struggles, the scream that raw’s the vocals of his throat were far for silenced.

He hadn’t even smelt the smoke of lit cigarettes.

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