giles and brothers

Monster High Ever After High crossover NEEDS TO HAPPEN
  • all the crossovers so far
  • MH 13 wishes: the book Gigi is from was Written by the Brothers Grimm and Giles Grimm was actually shown in the flashback. This came out in 2013. When Ever After High started.
  • Cupid: she is shown in her Monster High Attire and crosses over into the EAH world. And after 2013 she never apeared at Monster High again
  • MH BooYorkBooYork: Astra Nova talks on the Phone with Raven and Apple and tells them that Monster High is real.
  • EAH Dragon Games: Maddie name drops Monster High, "Who's ever heard of a Monster High?!"
MM Bracelet dates back to 2013

Meghan’s bangle dates all the way back to 2013 2013 @ Cantor Charity Day 2013 @ Tracy Reese fashion show 2014 @ The Marchesa Voyage Preview 2015 @ photoshoot 2017 @ ATX TV festival The Mini Railroad Spike 14k Gold cuff is sold at Giles & Brother ($2,600) Or Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff In 14K Gold ($5,100)

anonymous asked:

We all know Meghan likes to make refrence to Harry in the jewelery she wears. The bracelet she was wearing in Texas was identified by meghans mirror as Giles & Brother Gold Skinny Railroad "Spike" Bracelet. Hmm spike was one of Harrys teen nicknames and conects back to his old FB that got found out a few years back and to his IG before the name change. Coincidence, I think not!

Isn’t for his spiked hair, just saying thanks

Today I learned that ye olde witches traditionally carried broomsticks because the vagina is the best place to absorb hallucinogenic drugs that were too toxic to eat into the bloodstream, so they’d use the broom as a dildo to get the plants in there.

‘Blurred Lines’: photographer: Patrick Demarchelier - fashion editor: Tonne Goodman - hair: Shay Ashual - make-up: Yadim - Vogue US May 2015

  • Swedish actor Bill Skarsgåard: Givenchy sequined sweatshirt, trousers & boots.  JVDF bracelet.
  • model Ondria Hardin: Givenchy menswear sequined velvet jacket.  Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci sequined dress & black briefs.  Dries Van Noten woven metal necklaces.  Spinelli Kilcollin, Giles & Brother, Bulgari and Lara Melchoir rings.  Chanel patent leather boots.