giles & brothers

Monster High Ever After High crossover NEEDS TO HAPPEN
  • all the crossovers so far
  • MH 13 wishes: the book Gigi is from was Written by the Brothers Grimm and Giles Grimm was actually shown in the flashback. This came out in 2013. When Ever After High started.
  • Cupid: she is shown in her Monster High Attire and crosses over into the EAH world. And after 2013 she never apeared at Monster High again
  • MH BooYorkBooYork: Astra Nova talks on the Phone with Raven and Apple and tells them that Monster High is real.
  • EAH Dragon Games: Maddie name drops Monster High, "Who's ever heard of a Monster High?!"

‘Blurred Lines’: photographer: Patrick Demarchelier - fashion editor: Tonne Goodman - hair: Shay Ashual - make-up: Yadim - Vogue US May 2015

  • Swedish actor Bill Skarsgåard: Givenchy sequined sweatshirt, trousers & boots.  JVDF bracelet.
  • model Ondria Hardin: Givenchy menswear sequined velvet jacket.  Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci sequined dress & black briefs.  Dries Van Noten woven metal necklaces.  Spinelli Kilcollin, Giles & Brother, Bulgari and Lara Melchoir rings.  Chanel patent leather boots.

“My metal bracelet by Giles & Brothers is actually a vintage railroad spike, I love the simplicity and it was a sentimental gift from my love, so it’s usually always around my wrist. #cuteAF” 

finally we know about the braclets, Joey and Daniel are next level goals

….. also ‘my love’ i can’t with these two beutiful humans!