Which Pandora Hearts character are you like?

Gilbert Nightray 
[x] you wear black
[x] you have very few friends
[x] you are very loyal to your closest friend
[x] you would do anything to protect your best friend
[ ] you have used a gun before
[x] people often call you useless
[x] you have at least one earring
[ ] you have a younger brother
[x] you are sometimes overprotective
[ ] you smoke/ have smoked before

Result: 7/10

Elliot Nightray

[x] you are currently a student
[ ] you have a short temper
[ ] you have an adopted family member
[ ] you have blue eyes
[ ] you don’t believe in sacrificing yourself for others
[x] you love to read, especially book series
[ ] you play the piano
[ ] you have a birthmark/mole on your face
[ ] you have short hair
[ ] you prefer to fight with a sword

Result: 2/10

Vincent Nightray

[ ] you have long blonde hair
[x] you often wear dangling earrings
[ ] you are considered psychotic
[ ] you have an older brother
[ ] you like to torture things
[ ] you cut up stuffed animals
[x] you are very secretive
[x] you manipulate people/ play with people to get your way
[x] you’ll do anything for someone you love dearly
[ ] you consider women objects

Result: 4/10

Reo Baskerville

[ ] you wear glasses
[x] you love to read
[x] you have a secret life
[x] people think you are timid
[x] you might easily get pissed off, if provoked
[ ] you have long brown hair
[ ] you often criticize and correct your friends
[x] you are very smart
[ ] you make friends easily
[x] people don’t know everything about you

Result: 6/10

Xerxes Break

[x] you love sweets
[ ] you just want to achieve your goals
[ ] you are a creeper
[x] you smile often
[x] you joke around often
[ ] white… purple… and red…
[x] you are considerate when you have to be…
[ ] pissed off when you don’t…
[ ] you know lots about your line of work
[ ] you are a big flirt

Result: 4/10


[x] you love cats
[x] you protect the person you love most, no matter what
[x] you like brown
[ ] bangs cover one side of your face
[ ] you have short brown hair
[ ] you have cat like instincts
[x] you like to play games
[x] you don’t like people that hurt the person you love
[ ] you start fights easily
[ ] you like to fight

Result: 5/10

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