New York, Madison Square,1900. Two strolling women demonstrating by their expressions, just how much they don’t need a cab ride.


Buffalo Tour Of Homes by Ian MacDonald
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Born in 1891, Audrey Munson was blessed with a classically beautiful body and the courage to bare it—or, as she put it, to “brazen it out”—in the service of art. In the new book The Curse of Beauty, James Bone argues that Munson was America’s first supermodel, and also Hollywood’s first flameout story. In Gilded Age New York, her figure inspired a generation of American artists, but by the time she got mixed up in the nascent movie business, her life began to unravel. On her 40th birthday, she would be committed to an insane asylum in Ogdensburg, New York, where she far outlived her glamorous legacy, dying unknown in 1996, at the age of 104.

The fascinating story of ‘America’s first supermodel’