gilded roses

Oh, don’t mind me. This is just a practice art for drawing movement, anatomy and perspective.

Oh, just a simple practice that suddenly becomes an illustration for my steampunk!AU White Rose fanfiction plot bunny, the scene where Weiss and Ruby infiltrate some elite masquerade party to gather intel and end up dancing to Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz out of necessity. Don’t ask how Ruby can dance or how many times she stomps Weiss’ feet while dancing (thank Dust she wears flats, not those stupid lady-stilts!)

Not finished, but daaaamn am I a sucker for dirty half-done sketch-y pencil line art. Scanned and uploaded this for the sake of archiving, before I butcher this piece further after I ink the lines and try to color this with colored pencils.

And gosh I have like kindergarten-level of skill when it comes to traditional coloring. Or coloring in general. 

If you’re looking at an opulent cake that’ll be the centre of attention, don’t hold back on the size and design. This Marie Antoinette-inspired masterpiece is an absolute showstopper with rich, ornate details. On a side note, I wonder how many can this confection actually feed. It’s huge!


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 5.29.15

varied alternative engagement ring styles by studio1040

  • sapphire and emerald three-stone engagement ring
  • white sapphire and pavè-set diamond tiara ring in rose gold

it’s easy to buck engagement ring trends with all the different designs available on etsy — and sometimes, a single shop has such a range of styles, you don’t need to look anywhere else. take studio1040: traditional solitaire and halo-set pieces abound, but you’ve also got access to unique gem combinations and settings like these gorgeous examples. love the green emerald accents on top, and the royal detailing feel of the pavè settings on bottom.

I wish I was a woman painted
On a cathedral ceiling
In gilded gold, honey rose;
You touch me and I am bored,
God wouldn’t have wanted it like this.
A Thursday,
6:39, you say love me,
And I am okay,
And I am folding in on myself,
And my heart is an origami gull
Telling you it belongs in this moment,
But somewhere else it is May
And the ocean lulls
My complacency
Into her wet, open mouth.
—  October 14th, I Start To Run and Stop

Didn’t get a ton of shots from the Bacchus Shots contest last night at the Gilded Roses, but had a fun time watching! 

West O'hteco was there getting pictures of everyone and I do believe Sela was indeed in full over-excited catte effect for those pictures.

@rawkin-forgeheart @vhas-ya-ffxiv (Look! I was standing right next to Vhas ya and didn’t even say Hi! I’m awful at remembering/recognizing people from tumblr sometimes -_-)

You’re All I See - Part Two

Summary: “There were many theories concerning the multiverse, but Peeta’s favorite was the idea that the universe was infinite, so there were infinite worlds, worlds born from every decision each person made.” Three universes, three decisions. Everlark.

(I promise there will be a resolution for every universe.)

Part One is here.


As soon as Mr. Mellark turned left onto Victory Lane, Peeta knew he was fucked. He had assumed his family would be going to Sage to celebrate his mother’s birthday. It was her favorite restaurant, and their usual pick.

But he knew, without a doubt, that they would be dining at the Gilded Rose tonight. There were plenty of restaurants in this part of New Haven, but fate was going to screw him over. He wondered if his mother somehow knew about Katniss, if she was doing this on purpose.

(He often confused fate with his mother. Both were omniscient, and both were out to get him.)

Sure enough, a minute later, Mr. Mellark pulled into the parking lot of the Gilded Rose.

“You finally lifted the embargo on this place?” Peeta asked, leaning forward into the front seat.

“I can’t hold a grudge forever,” Mrs. Mellark replied.

Peeta disagreed. His mother was a champion at holding grudges. She still hadn’t forgiven him for spilling grape juice on her Valentino when he was seven.

She probably never would. Every time he held a glass of wine in her vicinity, she brought it up.

The valet opened the door for Mrs. Mellark, and Peeta realized it was Gale. And of course, Mr. Mellark had handed off the keys to Peeta with a mumbled, “Tip him well. I don’t want him denting the car.”

So Peeta forced a smile, his cheeks bright red, and said, “Hello.”

“Good evening, sir,” Gale replied, staring straight through him.

Peeta gave him the keys and a ten-dollar bill, and Gale nodded at him. For a moment, they knew each other, and it was as easy as when they hung out after hours, two beers open, Katniss draped over Peeta’s lap.

Then, the familiarity disappeared, and Gale slid into Mr. Mellark’s BMW and drove away.

Peeta knew better than to expect a warm greeting. Gale understood the situation, even if he had never had to pretend before. It had been two years since the Mellarks had visited this restaurant.

In fact, the last time they had all been there was the first time Peeta saw Katniss.

It was when everything changed.

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.28.15

a s t r e e openwork one-of-a-kind porcelain pendant by byloumi

hand-sculpted porcelain is dotted with delicate gold, silver, or rosy copper accents and can be hung on a gold-filled or sterling silver chain for your perfect neutral color combination. made in france … ooh la la.