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modern brass necklaces by fableandlore

i own a fableandlore necklace, a pyrite beaut gifted to me from my wombmate and twin katherine <3 it’s my favorite … but i’d make room in my heart for another one of these gorgeous and varied-silhouette brass necklaces, too.

If you’re looking at an opulent cake that’ll be the centre of attention, don’t hold back on the size and design. This Marie Antoinette-inspired masterpiece is an absolute showstopper with rich, ornate details. On a side note, I wonder how many can this confection actually feed. It’s huge!


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 5.29.15

varied alternative engagement ring styles by studio1040

  • sapphire and emerald three-stone engagement ring
  • white sapphire and pavè-set diamond tiara ring in rose gold

it’s easy to buck engagement ring trends with all the different designs available on etsy — and sometimes, a single shop has such a range of styles, you don’t need to look anywhere else. take studio1040: traditional solitaire and halo-set pieces abound, but you’ve also got access to unique gem combinations and settings like these gorgeous examples. love the green emerald accents on top, and the royal detailing feel of the pavè settings on bottom.

Oh, don’t mind me. This is just a practice art for drawing movement, anatomy and perspective.

Oh, just a simple practice that suddenly becomes an illustration for my steampunk!AU White Rose fanfiction plot bunny, the scene where Weiss and Ruby infiltrate some elite masquerade party to gather intel and end up dancing to Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz out of necessity. Don’t ask how Ruby can dance or how many times she stomps Weiss’ feet while dancing (thank Dust she wears flats, not those stupid lady-stilts!)

Not finished, but daaaamn am I a sucker for dirty half-done sketch-y pencil line art. Scanned and uploaded this for the sake of archiving, before I butcher this piece further after I ink the lines and try to color this with colored pencils.

And gosh I have like kindergarten-level of skill when it comes to traditional coloring. Or coloring in general. 

A Gypsie

It was either their eighth, or ninth night  together, Gaves couldn’t remember clearly, but it had to be one of those two. The window to his rented room above the entrance to The Gilded Rose was open; commoners, nobles, and beggars alike bustling about even at the early hours of the morning. It was almost comical how much noise you could make without being heard, and that was usually the case with whomever he brought home; the joys of living in a busy part of town were pratically endless. Zerella was sprawled out on his sagging bed, covers draped across her bare body like an artist’s rendition of ‘beauty’. Gently she came down from the high, the sweat on her body making her glisten. “Mmm… you were wonderful.” She purred at Gaves, the raven haired gypsie talking to his back. Sitting on the foot of the bed, the then courier fumbled with his trousers, snaking them back up his legs. He heard her words loud and clear, but his pride demanded a repeat. “Hmm?” He asked. Happily cooing back to the shirtless lover, Zerella responds. “I said you were wonderful, dear.” The courier grinned smugly, and answered back. “When have I never not been?”

The sheer arrogance of this man was almost enough to smother someone; Zerrella seemed to take an opposite affect to it. Giggling with a snort, she rolled over in the sheets, curling up in a ball of blankets. Backing up against the headboard, she sits up with a pillow behind her back. “Gaves Hillvack, oh how you never fail to impress.” More giddy giggles ensued; the woman either a ditz, or just madly in love. As if he heard it all before, Gaves rolls his eyes, finally flipping his sea green orbs over to peer at the woman. “Don’t count on me stopping either, ok?” Bouncing up to his feet, the sated man searched the various articles of clothing tossed on the floor, looking for his shirt, and bandana. “Mhmm… Well, if you’re going to be like -that-.” Zerella starts, no hint of faltering in her feelings. “Then, I think it’s high time I brought you to meet my friends, after all..” The woman’s faced beamed with pride, ecstatic to say the next part. “You are my boyfriend.” Gaves still had not found his shirt, it was probably underneath her dress, he thought. Only half listening to her, his entire body stiffens at the mention of relationships. Without remorse, he sighs, and continues searching. “No, i’m not.” Gaves sounding as if he was turning down an offer for a pamphlet about the benefits of the light.

Shocked as ever, embarrassment took over Zerella. “W-what do you mean, Gaves?” The notion that they couldn’t be together was clearly discomforting, especially after how much they had been through in the past fourteen days. Gaves continued, his tone making him sound uncaring to any of her investments. “I said I’m not you’re boyfriend.” Straightening up with a defeated look, he puts his hands on his hips. With a half turn of his head, he asked. “Have you seen my shirt?” Zerella looked as if the light in her eyes had died, the deep blues now empty, and cold. In a softer voice she asked, “why…” too baffled to think farther than one-word questions. Without batting an eye, Gaves retorted bluntly. “Because I wanna keep fuckin’.”  Perking up, Zerella tried to reassure him. “We can keep do-” Gaves cut her off. “With -other- women.” Zerella’s eyes began to swell, her emotions a clear part as to why they had been doing something so intimate. “Don’t you l-love me? I love -you-, I really do. Y-you-you’re my moo-moon and stars. My…m-muse.” Sputtered Zerella. Spotting the sleeve of his shirt, Gaves reached for it; the damn thing was buried underneath her dress, he knew it. “Hmm what? No, no I don’t love you.” Confused as to why she was even bringing this up, Gaves asked. “Why are you asking these things, are you ok?” The man’s posture was cool, and relaxed. It was a stark contrast to the now shivering gypsie whom was coiled up in the sheets.

With tears threatening to fall, she plead her case. “Well, well.. well. I thought that because, umm. because….” Gaves was getting annoyed with her delivery, a look telling her to speed things up. “I thought be-because of -this-.” Now pink eyes gesture to the scene about them. “I thought that because we had done so much… that. that you loved me?” Incapable of being any rougher with the delivery, Gaves sighs. “Look, Zerella. You’re an absolute blast, and anyone who gets a chance to pin ya’ down is lucky, but you’re not for me.” The showman ever, he sauntered over to the open window. “Niether is she, or her, or her.” Gaves pointing to the various women walking about in the trade district at the waking hours of morning. “Even her. None of them can give what I need.” Zerella was only angered by the show, her tears turning red with rage. “So all you wanna do is fuck?!” She barked at him, a mixture of shock, sadness, embarrassment, rage, and torment all swirling together in one. The man had to be crazy, had to be. It was all just one big joke, a really bad joke, Zerella prayed. Sadly, Gaves wasn’t joking. With a simple shrug of his shoulders, he replied. “Yeah.” Truthfully, Gaves didn’t see what the big deal was, and was more concerned as to why someone had put their feelings into it. Zerella looked for the nearest  thing to chuck at his head, the night table’s empty glass of wine would do. Narrowly it missed him, shattering against the wall with a faint splash of red. “Hey!” Gaves raised his voice, now concerned for his safety. “Take it easy, alright? I mean, it’s not like we don’t have to stop -this-.” The woman only turned redder, her rage only deepening at the sheer ignorance of Gaves. The next thing to go was the pillow that she leaned against. It bounced harmlessly off his face, and fell to the floor with little noise.

“Shut up!“ She screeched, leaving the comfort of the silks to attack him personally. It was quite the scene, the naked woman scratching, clawing, kicking, biting, and screaming at the courier. What was she to him? Just a piece of meat that he would enjoy for now, and then toss the scraps aside when he found something better? Luckily for Gaves, it wasn’t his first time being assaulted. Turning his shoulder into the blows, he covers his face with the other hand, and lifts a leg up to protect his valuables. The flailing seemed endless, Zerella not satisfied when blood was drawn; she didn’t even care after scoring a hit on his jaw. Finally, after minutes of the abuse, Zerella slowed, fatigue eating at her. Wobbling, she looked as if she was going to fall. Moving quickly, Gaves grabbed at her arm, but she only swatted at it. "DON’T TOUCH ME!” she screamed. Gaves core grew cold, praying that she wasn’t going to lie about what he done. Men’s lives were ruined when lies went rampant with misinformation, and Gaves knew that very well. “Gaves Hillvack you are scum!!” The words hurt for Gaves, his pride scratched. “Hey, I’m not s-” Zerella pushed him aside, grabbing at her clothes tossed on the floor, and putting them on in haste. “Gaves Hillvack, no one will ever love you like I do, and if some whore decides to take pity on you know this: You will never pass on your existence with your beloved. You will be forced to live knowing you’ll never pass on a legacy, and you will die with the Hillvack name.” Promptly covering herself with a loose fitting dress, she picked up her shoes, and went for the door. Yanking it open, she gave him one last look, a final reminder of the sin he commited. Trembling, she began to weep before yelling one last thing. “SCOUNDREL!” Zerella slamming the door behind her as she ran down the stairs.

the doctors make love to their employment,
which is why their graves,
gilded with roses,
will not go near your conscience
when I am gone
—  @thefias-co
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Well, @iwanttotieyourshoe, I finally, FINALLY wrote that fic that I mentioned I would write last Saturday during Fandot Creativity. I do indeed hope you enjoy it. I had a bit too much fun writing it, as writing Martin is by far the best person for me to write. It features established Trainers and pre-slash Skipthur.

Here’s a snippet:

“So, anyways, like I was saying, I cannot believe you’ve never done go-karts before, especially with how much you love driving,” the red-haired man teased.

“Well, for your information, Manager, I-I really don’t have a valid reason for why I didn’t do that. How about instead of making cheap, though admittedly true, stabs at me, you eat your dinner before it gets cold,” the brown-haired man jeered with a playful smile.

“Alright, you don’t need to get huffy on me, Driver. I’m sure there’s things that you did in your carefree teenager years that I myself have never done.”

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📷 (I will find a picture of your Face Claim that I love)

(Mobile doesnt like pictures apparently Lol. I hope this is the right fc!) Chereisie blinked at the image of the man, frowning thoughtfully as she looked it over, turning the image at different angles in her gloved grip. “No I’m afraid I’ve never seen him before” she said quietly. “But he looks almost … sad beneath that rough exterior. Like he’s hurting but can’t afford for anyone to know it.” She handed the picture back to the woman who seemed to be seeking the man in the photograph. “He hoards his pain. I hope that someday he can find peace” the small Saladin smiled. “I wish you luck in your search. Should I see him, I’ll send word to the Gilded Rose.” @hmratking (

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he falls in love with you with the weight of an arrow, a piercing keening cry like that of a kestrel searching for its way home. you were his lantern in the darkness, a flower in a barren land

he appeared cold and cruel, clothed in a shroud of boneblack and desert lungs. you were his gilded rose, decorated in precious minerals with half dead blossoms in your cornsilk hair. he did what he could to make your time there happy, but you saw it as a mockery of all that was good. Ceres searched the ends of the planet for you, allowing her territory to lapse into bleak despair.

four months after he took you, you left his silken chambers at half past midnight to search for something else living in the desperate place. but his garden was crumbling brick and expired flora, cracked marble paths that were wet to the touch. scored into the broken dirt was a prayer to Eros. the god of the dead, powerful and endless, praying with absolution to the son of Venus.

he was no one you thought you could love but of all the lonely souls in the underworld, Pluto was the loneliest. you plucked a single dusty pomegranate from the ground, swallowing four seeds like pills. snakejaw. it felt like death going down your throat. something immortality would never know.

so when you finally informed Jupiter of your presence, there was no option but to let you stay for four months of the year.

slowly, the dark and desolate kingdom began reverberating with a strange warmth, your laughter bringing bluebells and lady’s slipper. for the first time, Pluto smiled.

—  Proserpine, you are a dark lady and i have been you // a.m.

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why? why? why? its true though. i always felt like aaron did more saving. robert was trapped in that gilded cage like rose in titanic. and aaron was jack. except robert would sooner die himself than not share a floating door with aaron.


Yule Ball - Fred Weasley Version

The beginning of Y/N Black’s sixth year at Hogwarts started with excitement. Y/N sat in between her best friend Poppy Lupin and her long time boyfriend of three years Fred Weasley at the Gryffindor table. The Tri Wizard tournament was announced. When the Durmstrang students came into the great hall Poppy and Y/N giggled at array of new men. Fred and George rolled their eyes. When the Beauxbatons students walked in all the boys in the school’s eyes were locked on the pretty French girls in blue uniforms. Poppy and Y/N rolled their eyes seeing Fred and George’s Pathetic attempts not to stare. “ I’m going to enter and win that money for the joke shop.” Fred whispered to Y/N. She didn’t want him to enter. It sounded dangerous and she didn’t want anything to happen to him.The age to enter was announced causing Fred and George to boo loudly at the decision. Y/N shushed Fred pulling him down on the bench. “ You’re causing a scene Freddie.” She felt relief knowing that he wouldn’t be able to enter and hurt himself.She tried not to giggle as she saw him pout.

Fred and George were determined to enter their names into the goblet of fire. “ They honestly think they are going to outwit Headmaster Dumbledore?” Poppy said as she watched Fred and George hype up all the students in the grand hall. “ Ya, they said they made an aging potion.” Y/N said watching from the sidelines. “ I know they want to open the shop but, this is ridiculous.” Poppy said shaking her head. Y/N yelled at the boys. “ This is a bad idea you two!” Fred theatrically gasped and gripped his robes over his heart. “ Our own girlfriends don’t believe in us George!” George shook his head. “Tsk tsk tsk ladies, Have more faith in the marvellous ideas of the Weasley Twins will ya?!” Fred and George cheers there potions towards the girls who rolled their eyes. They jumped over the barrier surrounding the goblet of fire. They began to cheer. Their hopes were quickly dashed however, when the barrier thrust them out flat on their behinds. The two twins had aged more the intended one year. They were now sporting long white beards still in their Uniform robes. Y/N and Poppy burst out into laughter causing all the rest of the students to join in with the,. The twins couldn’t help but laugh as well. “How are ya liking your future Y/N?!” Fred yelled strutting around like a model showing himself from every angle. Y/N wiped the tears of laughter with her robe’s sleeve. “ You are quite the silver fox Mr Weasley.” Fred grinned. “ I think i’ll keep the beard.” “ Not gonna happen.” Y/N said giggling. “ Let me dream would ya?”

The news of the Yule Ball spread throughout the school like wildfire. All the girls dreaming of their dresses and how their dates would ask them to the Ball. Y/N knew she would be going with Fred of course it wasn’t even a question. Fred still wanted to ask Y/N properly like all his other friends. He understood it was important to all the girls. He didn’t want her to miss out on that experience. He decided to ask her when the two of them were alone together. One night, in the empty common room Fred and Y/N were finally alone. Fred took a deep breath.“ Love, can I ask ya something?” Y/N looked up from her transfiguration textbook. “ Yes Dear?” She looked at his nervous expression. “ is something wrong?” He pulled out a red rose his face flush. “ Will you please go to the ball with me?” Y/N’s E/C eyes lit up. She wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. Fred sighed in relief.“ Of course Freddie! What? Did you think I would say no?” Fred shrugged. “ I don’t know maybe it wouldn’t be romantic enough for you.” She placed her hands on his. “ As long its from you, it’s perfect.” The two kissed in front of the faint light of the fireplace happy to be together.

The week before the ball an owl came for Y/N. Two packages one big while one was small. A letter was attached to them both. She recognized the handwriting as her father Sirius Black’s. She smiled and took the packages upstairs to the Gryffindor girl’s dormitory. Y/N sat at the end of her bed and hastily opened the letter.

My dearest Y/N,
I hope you are enjoying this year at Hogwarts. I know it’s a crazy year. Promise me you’ll be safe? Your mother and I are sending you a dress we think you will love. I wish I could see you in it. You will look stunning. Your mother and I decided to send you her pin as it matched with the dress perfectly. Your mother was wearing this pin the first time I met and fell in love with her. That is why she has the nickname Rosie. She wore it on our wedding day and I hope you will enjoy wearing it. Consider it a piece of us with you at all times. I love you more than anything. Have fun! Hugs and kisses

Love, Dad
P.S this is Dad, if Fred doesn’t treat you right or puts a hand on you, I will gladly go back to Azkaban. Don’t tell your mother!
P.S.S This is Mum. Don’t listen to your father he’s all talk. He’s coming to terms with your growing up. Love you!

Y/N giggled at the letter picturing her father writing the letter and her mother finding it. She opened the small package revealing the pin. It was ruby red sparkle gilded rose pin. She remembered her mother telling her stories about it when she was little. Her mother had gotten it from her brother Lucius on her 15th birthday. Her mother wore it on special occasions to remind herself of the love she had for her husband who wasn’t with her.Y/n held the pin close to her chest and felt like both her parents were close to her heart.

The night of the ball Poppy came to the Gryffindor dorms from the Ravenclaw tower to get ready with Y/N. She looked quite comical to Y/N as Poppy had curlers in her hair helping Y/N do her hair. “ I want a braid tied up into a nice bun. I want my hair out of my way.” Y/N said as Poppy brushed through her H/C hair. “ I’m going to need a lot of bobby pins but, it’s doable.” The hour long process of perfectly perfecting her hairstyle was painstakingly long but, she felt worth it in the end. Two French braids connected into a bun topped with her mother’s pin. “ It’s perfect Poppy!” Poppy began to put on her dress.“ Can you help me into my dress?” Poppy said. Her dress was a floor length royal blue dress with silver gem belt and silver details,jewelry and sparkling silver heels. “ No problem.” Y/N sipped up her dress. “ Do I look okay?” Poppy said sheepishly. Her hair curled and up into a bun. Giving her sandy blonde hair a whimsical look. It was almost as if her hair was a bouquet of roses. Poppy’s eye makeup was shades of light nudes. She had chosen a beautiful dark red lipstick.Her bright blue eyes looked nervous. “ You look perfect. George will have to fight off men left and right. Now help me with my dress.” Y/N’s dress was ruby red. Sparkles catching the light as she moved. It fit her like a glove perfectly fitting the curves of her body. She slipped on her golden heels. She wore the gold locket Fred had gotten her last year for their second anniversary. She decided to go all out. If she was going to wear a dress and makeup instead of her usual quidditch uniform she might as well. Gold and brown eye shadows framed her E/C eyes like a frame of a picture. She wore a dark rose matte lipstick.Her long black lashes flirty. She felt beautiful. She was ready.

Y/N and Poppy giggled locking arms together leaving the Gryffindor common room. Excited for the night’s festivities. The boys were to meet the two, by the staircase leading to the grand hall. Fred nervously fidgeted with his cuffs. He would be lying to say he wasn’t nervous. How did that blasted dance go again? Does he go left first or right first? He heard his brother gasp. He quickly turned his attention to the top of the staircase. His eyes narrowed on Y/N. She was all he could see. “ Oh Merlin’s beard.” Was all he could articulate. Y/N made it to the bottom of the stairs. She smiled at Fred. “ I can clean up good eh?” She spun in her dress giggling in excitement.Y/N ‘S excitement made Fred smile even larger. “ I fell in love all over again.” Fred said outloud more to himself then to Y/N. Her face turned as red as her dress. Fred now realized she heard him. He became flustered with his cheeks fiery red. “ I said that outloud didn’t I?” She nodded. Fred coughed putting his arm out for her. “ L-Let’s go the ball has started.” Y/N giggled and took his arm.

The grand hall was an enchanted winter wonderland. Y/N looked around at the students all in their beautiful chosen outfits. Classical music rang throughout the hall. “ May I have this waltz beautiful?” Fred said in a posh accent bowing. “ Oh why yes I would be honoured kind sir.” She curtsied towards him taking his hand. The two danced laughing with one another joking about the balls and its participants. “ I didn’t think it was possible for Malfoy to look more posh.” Fred whispered as they danced next to Malfoy and Pansy. “ Ya even the stick up his ass is gold.” They both tried to stifle their laughter. After the song was finished the couple went over onto the sidelines. “ I’ll get us some punch. Stay here so I can find you.” Y/N nodded as Fred disappeared into the crowd. “ Y/N Black is that you?” A familiar cocky voice said behind her. She turned around to see Cormac McLaggen with a smirk on his face. Y/N couldn’t stand him. He gave all Gryffindor’s a bad reputation. He had once said he liked her feisty attitude and sarcastic humour. Cormac was jealous of Y/N’s position of chaser on the Gryffindor team for years. She decided to try to be the bigger person and be polite. “ Yes it is. Hello Cormac, how are you?” He moved closer. “ Much better now. I didn’t know a tomboy could look so good in a dress.” He looked at her up and down. She shuddered hoping the conversation was over. “ Why don’t you dance with me?” Y/N smiled. “ Oh i’m just waiting for Fred. He’ll be right back.” Cormac placed an unwelcome hand on her waist. “ It’ll be just fine. Freddie wouldn’t mind.”

Fred finally was able to wiggle his way through the crowd. He ran into Lee Jordan. “ Oh hey Lee!” Lee turned around from his position in front the punch bowl. “ Hi Fred, where’s Y/N?” Fred poured the punch carefully. “ She’s waiting for me to get punch.” Lee raised an eyebrow. “ Well it looks like she’s with McLaggen.” Fred shot his head in the direction Lee was looking. Sure enough McLaggen had his hands on Y/N. His Y/N. “ Hold my punch and save some Galleons for my appeal because I’m going to kill him!” Fred weaved his way quickly through the crowd.

Y/N stepped back from Cormac. “ I’m good. Thank you though.” “ Oh don’t be a tease. It’s just a dance.” He touched her arm this hit a raw nerve. Fred was only a foot away. He was about to let all hell break loose. Y/N stomped with her golden heels on Cormac’s foot with all her might causing him to yelp. “ Don’t touch me! You egotistical misogynistic dickhead!” She gripped the terrified boy by his stiff collar. “The only man who can touch me is Fred! If I ever catch you touching me or any other girl like this again, getting on the quidditch team will be the last thing on your mind! Understand McLaggen?!” Cormac nodded stumbling away from Y/N. She brushed her dress off as the other woman Cormac had hit on aggressively thanked her. She turned to see Fred standing with his mouth wide open. “ Oh hi Freddie…You saw that didn’t you?” He nodded and started to grin. “ That was brilliant. I guess you don’t need my help.” Y/N put her hands on her hips. “ Don’t let the dress fool you Love. I’m not a princess.”

The last dance of the evening arrived. Y/N had fun dancing the night away with Fred. The last dance they slowly danced together. “ You’re the most beautiful woman you know?” Y/N laid her head on Fred’s chest. “ And you the most handsome man.” Fred sighed. “ I didn’t know you could get more beautiful. Well that’s a lie i knew you would when you wore a wedding dress.” Y/N stopped dancing. “ That’s only if you ever wanted to get married! I mean there’s no law saying you have to!” Fred said blubbering like an idiot. Y/N looked up at Fred. “ If it’s with you Fred i’d love to.” Fred kissed her softly.” Good, cause you’re stuck with me.” She giggled. Fred was right the only time he saw Y/N even more beautiful was when she wore her wedding dress.

if everyone who participated in the epithet asks formed into one chaotic deity, here is your hymn

with a retinue of ghosts, with eyes like torches, cloaked in rain mist, crowned in marble, armed with stone and storm, with words limned in fire, dweller in violet meadows, of the crystal serpent, with sidereal speech, with a mind inked in moonlight, gowned in the memories of cities, veiled in frost, constructed of lacunae, descendant of the muses, with thoughts forged in stars, blooming in the undergrowth, veiled in deep sea, with voice of winter, of whirling winds, with the mossy armor, who blooms in ashes and stone, who walks in the last beam of sunlight, who went beneath the earth and returned, with a sword of ice, in whose footsteps are hyacinths, who calms the seas for travelers, wielder of sunlight, who can sing the music of the spheres, winged with steel, with gleaming wit, of sylvan shade, who walks the sun-dappled forest, to whom statues bow, who speaks like the sea, volcano-born, haunter of woodland pools, who walks upon sunset clouds, who speaks in the whispers of pines, whose song fire obeys, steadfast in sunlight and fog, whose eyes reflect nebulae, who weaves a web of moonlight, in whose wake autumn murmurs, with glittering scales, born from gales, sparkling like the plains of the sea, with a mantle of first snow, treader of the ripples of time, protector of birds, of subtle illumination, whose words bloom like wildflowers, rose-born, winged with rain, for whom the fields and forests part, who wanders on seafoam, protector of the shades, who sings to time and is answered, who runs on the wings of the wind, glittering by night, of the eldritch shadow, cloaked in ivy, who haunts the misted precipice, who reads by the eclipse, who walks through brambles untouched, whose shield is the salt sea, whose song is clearest and brightest, who fares the paths of fire, crowned with bloodstone, kindler of the beacon, of the iridescent speech, who inhabits the upper air, who resurrects the faded, shrouded in winter shadows, who warms the void, with arrows of flint and crystal, who guides the night sky, in whose path bells resound, who dwells beside dark waters, who flies in wild winds, protector of hollows, who guards the dreams of cities, who glows brightest by night, who clarifies the waters, bearer of the sunlit sword, guardian of thresholds, who appears in the light of dawn, who smiles upon rampant gardens, emerald-throned, of the gilded phrases, translucent-winged, with a malachite mind, sleeper in the shadows of waves, who grows poppies in the ruins, of the navigator’s star, with mist-soft heart, whose path is lit by fireflies, whose song echoes in ravines, of the clovered hills, with hawthorn spear, whose wings are whispers, with eyes of dusk, who dwells on the horizon, whose aegis is the evening star, speaker of the ephemeral, herder of wild stars, tempest-winged, who weaves the cosmic filaments, born of the cascade, attended by kindness and justice, jeweled in prisms, who keeps the archives of sunlight, who defends the high towers, who sings the orchards to flower, of the fragrant coronet, of the smiling shadow, gilded with roses, who pours light onto snow, with leopard-drawn chariot, who quickens withered words, who glimmers in gloom, charmer of crows, who dwells beneath the evergreen, arrayed in amethysts, who cherishes nightfall, starred with asphodel, shimmering-winged, who wanders through lilacs, whose voice is burnished gold, who paints the meadows with morning light, who wakes in wind and water, who fosters phantoms, summoner of ravens, crowned in honey-bright sun, of the ruby blade, who glides through moonlit colonnades