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Double Dad Dilemma -- Part 2

Hi.  I still don’t know what I’m doing.  More baby Natsu and roommate daddies Gildarts and Igneel.  But I got inspiration today and here’s the second installment.  Scroll down my blog or look here for the first.  :)  More info about the fic in the AN on

Two weeks later, Gildarts felt he was finally in complete understanding as to why females deserved a shit ton more respect than he’d given them previously.

How in hell’s blazes did his ex do this every day without wanting to throw something out the window?
Natsu was screaming again, tears rolling ceaselessly down his face as he waved and kicked on his blanket on their white-carpet floor.  Gildarts, who’d been attempting to write an essay for his economics class, groaned, putting aside his laptop to pick Natsu back up and onto the couch.  The other students had all asked at least once if they were babysitting or something, to which they’d quickly confirmed.  But they couldn’t sound like they were babysitting every day, or their supervisor might blow a gasket.

For the fifty-eighth time, Gildarts wished Igneel were here.  While the baby did smile and cling to Gildarts as a loyal son would, Igneel seemed to have the special connection to the boy as the one who found him.  Not to mention, more patience.  Igneel could always figure out what Natsu needed within a few minutes, whereas Gildarts’ assuredness that he’d be the expert in this situation diminished.  For him, it was diaper, food, or sleep.  Other than that, he didn’t speak Natsu shriek.

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