gilda cosplay


GILDA WIG PRETTY MUCH COMPLETE. This is the second wig I’ve ever seriously styled and the first wig I’ve ever sewn wefts into!

Photo 1 - The original wig.

Photo 2 - The wig with the purple wefts pinned for reference.

Photo 3 - The wig with the purple wefts actually sewn in.

Photo 4 - The wig cut and styled.

The back needs some serious work! It may not look too bad in the photos but it’s kind of patchy in person. I’ll have to see how it looks on my head and then make adjustments. Oh, and the floof at the top of the head is intentional. She kind of has that cowlick thing going on.

So yeah! I’m real excited. All I need to do now is finished the backs of the wings and make the tail.



sadly they’re not as bright yellow as the others, but they actually stay in  which is exactly what i’m looking for when i pay fucking 30 bucks for goddamn tiny things to stick in my eyes

i wish i had my wig to try on as well but it hasn’t arrived yet

i do have my gilda sunglasses though yay

i also have the rest of my outfit ready except the wings and tail which i will work on this weekend

aw yeee im excited