gilda cosplay

Send a Pone
  • Twilight Sparkle: Your greatest achievement
  • Pinkie Pie: A happy memory
  • Fluttershy: Something kind you've done, or something someone has done for you
  • Rarity: Selfie! (Or, a time you've felt confident about yourself)
  • Applejack: An important truth
  • Rainbow Dash: Your favorite book and why
  • Spike: Your crush
  • Princess Celestia: Someone who has inspired you
  • Princess Luna: Something you want to overcome / feel you have
  • Princess Cadence: Your definition of a perfect relationship
  • Shining Armor: A family member you're close to
  • Applebloom: Your dream job
  • Sweetie Belle: Your favorite song
  • Scootaloo: Your best trait
  • Discord: A hidden side to yourself
  • Derpy Hooves: Favorite food
  • Lyra Heartsrings: Something you're passionate about
  • Bonbon: Someone you can tell everything to
  • Doctor Whooves: Your favorite TV show (besides the obvious~)
  • Spitfire: A trait you find attractive
  • Big Macintosh: A hidden skill
  • Carrot Top: Favorite pony musician
  • Queen Chrysalis: Favorite bad guy (from anything)
  • Fleur-de-lis: All the languages you speak / a language you'd like to learn
  • Maud Pie: Your favorite genre of music
  • Diamond Tiara: A pet peeve
  • Gummy: Not a question, I just I think you're awesome!
  • Vinyl Scratch: Favorite color
  • Octavia: An instrument you play, or an instrument you'd like to learn
  • The Great and Powerful Trixie: A time when you learned from a mistake
  • Pipsqueak: Ever cosplayed?
  • Gilda Griffon: A time when a friend stood up for you (or vice versa)
  • Cheerilee: The best teacher you've ever had

Part 6: Supernatural Edition

These are either ready for wear or they are easily adapted by wearing for instance some arm sleeves or an amira hijab underneath.

In the case of the Colette picture (top left) you could wear either a period mobcap, an amira hijab + sunhat (Scarlet O'Hara style) or perhaps just a hooded cape.

For Charlie (the top right picture) you could wear a hooded cape instead of the crown or just wear a wimple/medieval veil underneath the crown, kind of like Princess Isabelle does with the red/blue gown in Braveheart.

For the Wild West outfit Dean is wearing you could just wear an amira hijab under the hat and maybe instead of pants/trousers under the coat, you could wear a skirt instead.

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