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Chipotle's Apple Watch app reminds you it's always burrito time

Chipotle’s Apple Watch app reminds you it’s always burrito time

It’s a great week for burrito lovers looking to minimize interaction with other humans

First, Chipotle announced that it would begin delivery, and now, the Mexican fast food chain has unveiled a new app for the Apple Watch, which became available on Friday.

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The app will let you place your order for pickup at a location of your choice by…

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New Music Monday: Waxahatchee’s “Ivy Tripp” Waxes on Growth

Ivy Tripp starts with a buzz, although that buzz is really a call to attention. You’d better listen up, because Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield has quite a bit to say on her third album. The sound on Ivy Tripp is poppier, and its subject matter is just as poetic as ever. But most of all, the album is more polished than its predecessors, which signals growth from the 26-year-old talent.

Crutchfield’s first effort as Waxahatchee was American Weekend, a 2012 lo-fi bedroom album full of grit and emotion. It caught attention from critics and was named one of the best albums of the year. Her next album, Cerulean Salt, added Swearin’ members Keith Spence and Kyle Gilbride to the lineup. The second album discussed the fleeting nature of youth and innocence, and jumpstarted Waxahatchee’s rise into the national spotlight.

Ivy Tripp is the natural progression from Cerulean Salt, and it shows in the music. The tracks retain the whimsical atmosphere of Crutchfield’s previous compositions, but somehow they’re more refined, or at least more organized than before. If American Weekend was the trial and Cerulean Salt was the standard package, then Ivy Tripp is the update. It’s got all the bells and whistles that make the Waxahatchee experience that much sweeter. And yet, it still feels as real as its predecessors.

Crutchfield’s voice is supplanted by a dreamy reverb as she sings not of love or growth, but of the strange feelings that pervade in the process. There’s emptiness (“<”), escape (“Half Moon”), and ephemeral feelings (“La Loose”, “Stale by Noon”). The lyrics are supplanted by head-nodding instrumentations smacking of ‘90s indie rock, but there’s a buzz present which keeps the adrenaline of the album high. The point of coming down is at the end, where on “Bonfire” Crutchfield sums up the album: “The speed of light’s over your head / Moving through night, faces you’ll forget.” From here, the album fades out on a lingering guitar note, which gives the listener a moment of reflection before reality sweeps them off of their feet again.

This mentality of being in constant motion isn’t relegated to one age group. Twentysomethings feel it, thirtysomethings feel it, and even boomers feel it from time to time. And because Ivy Tripp is a testament to life’s constant flux instead of the act of growth, the message behind the music speaks to a wider range of people. It is certainly a more mature album, in any case. Crutchfield doesn’t let go of her youthfulness, but she does concede that it won’t last forever. (Ʃ)

Carrie Fisher&#039;s amazing dog should be in &#039;Star Wars&#039;

What’s This?

By Tricia Gilbride2015-04-21 11:25:37 UTC

It’s cool that Star Wars is coming back, mostly because that means more public appearances from Carrie Fisher’s French bulldog, Gary.

The adorable pup makes a pretty good Princess Leia himself, and has captured the hearts of Fishers’ co-stars like Daisy Ridley. Carrie and Gary appeared at the Star Wars Celebration together and he is a natural on the red carpet.

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Gary is a therapy dog that helps Fisher deal with her bi-polar disorder. “Gary is mental also. My mother says Gary is a hooligan. Gary is like my heart,” Fisher told The Herald Tribune. “Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down. He’s anxious when he’s away from me.”

Nepotism doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just because Gary’s human was one of the original three doesn’t mean he should be denied the opportunity to run around the forest with Ewoks. No one should be denied that.

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Carrie Fisher's amazing dog should be in 'Star Wars'

Carrie Fisher’s amazing dog should be in ‘Star Wars’

It’s cool that Star Wars is coming back, mostly because that means more public appearances from Carrie Fisher’s French bulldog, Gary

The adorable pup makes a pretty good Princess Leia himself, and has captured the hearts of Fishers’ co-stars like Daisy Ridley. Carrie and Gary appeared at the Star Wars Celebration together and he is a natural on the red carpet

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In the three weeks I spent listening to Ivy Tripp, winter started turning into spring. The changing of the seasons parallels the album nicely, as it is a transitional work. The history of Waxachatchee traces back to her debut American Weekend, an album released in 2010, full of emotional fragility and intimacy. The sophomore follows up Cerulean Salt released in 2013, maintains Crutchfeild’s deep personal core while also expanding into a full band. Both Gilbride and Keith Spencer accompany Crutchfield on Ivy Tripp, and the record was produced by all three of them. Crutchfield expansion in sound gives way to her vulnerability while also delivering a 90’s influence. Ivy Tripp is Katie Crutchfeild of Waxahatchee’s third full-length and first major album on Merge Records. Ivy Tripp maintains intimacy demonstrated on Crutchfeild first albums while also expanding into a sonic palette of more ethereal territory. Instead of concentrating her poetic phrasing on a particular relationship such as her debut American Weekend, Crutchfield takes the opportunity to find the exact right phrasing within a wider range of emotion. The new song “Air” off of Ivy Tripp fills a roomier, darker sound threw its ominous verse and more uplifting chorus. “Air” is about being with a good person but knowing that it’s not going to work: “And you patiently giving me/everything that I will never need”. Every question, every infuriating moment of feeling both lost in space and drowning in another person, leads to this song. Crutchfeild’s gorgeous language, etched across the song-and album of equally lovely patchwork, as rich and bittersweet as the fall woods that grace the cover. Crutchfield crafts a record that runs the range of human emotion without setting into any one lane. Ivy Tripp takes down the forth wall between performer and listener. On the track “<” Waxahatchee embraces a fragile, gusty honesty. The drums layer each other in the discord, Crutchfeild repeats the refrain, and “you are less than me/I am nothing.” It is a dark moment on an album full of tranquil reflectiveness. This reflectiveness, along with a constant state of wonder, make Ivy Tripp so personal, and at the same time relatable. Ivy Tripp is an inventive production, almost a sculptural work that fills a genre completely of Waxahatchee’s own

Emilia Clarke's 'Game of Thrones' body double could even fool dragons

Emilia Clarke’s ‘Game of Thrones’ body double could even fool dragons

Every queen (even the Mother of Dragons) needs a decoy to help do her bidding. Likewise, Emilia Clarke needs a Daenerys body double.

Metro UK reports that actress and model Rosie Mac has taken on the task for the fifth season of Game of Thrones, and her selfies show that Mac is a dead ringer for Emilia Clarke. It’s like The Parent Trap, but in Westeros.

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Emo dog&#039;s whine is a talent and should be regarded as such

What’s This?

By Tricia Gilbride2015-04-17 21:36:27 UTC

Lexi is not okay with the fact that no one will play with her and she has no problem letting people know.

She isn’t so much a dog whining, she’s a sophisticated vehicle of discontent. Her moan is unwavering. The problem only with her strategy is that her whine is so remarkably consistent that people forget it’s there. It’s just part of life, like crickets lulling you to sleep at night.

Lexi, throw in a bark sometimes if you want to get your way. Let your humans know they have an uncertain future if they don’t behave.

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Bishop Guertin opens strong with win over Manchester Central

Kristin Cameron scored five goals and assisted on another to pace Bishop Guertin’s offensive in an 18-1 season-opening win over Manchester Central. Kate Bradford and Cara Broderick recorded hat tricks, while Olivia Koutsos chipped in with two goals and one assist. The Cardinals, who host Concord at 5:30 p.m. Friday, also received single goals from Kyra Lowenberg, Bryn Carroll, Madison Cote and Madison Gilbride.

Bishop Guertin opens strong with win over Manchester Central

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According to Stephen Hawking, Zayn Malik never left One Direction

There is finally definitive proof that Stephen Hawking is a genius When asked about the cosmological significance of Zayn Malik leaving…

Elmo is scared of vaccines, but singing Taylor Swift helps him shake it off

What’s This?

By Tricia Gilbride2015-04-17 20:33:42 UTC

No one wants to be stuck at home sick while all the other Muppets are partying up and down Sesame Street, so U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy dropped by to talk Elmo through his annual checkup.

Elmo’s nervous about getting a shot, but Dr. Murthy explains that vaccines help make antibodies — the body’s superheroes that protect you. This way, you never have to miss out on playing with friends.

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Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Elmo have an important message for parents and kids about vaccines.Vaccinations…

Posted by The Daily Dot on Friday, April 17, 2015

After establishing that vaccines are an important part of staying strong and healthy, Elmo still needs some convincing that they’re worth the pain. Dr. Murthy recommends singing his favorite song as a distraction, so Elmo breaks out into an impressive “Shake it Off” cover.

Taylor Swift would be proud.

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2050 will see a new meaning of modularity and convenience in kitchen #2050, #Convenience, #Hometone, #Kitchen, #Meaning, #Modularity

Kaynak :

2050 will see a new meaning of modularity and convenience in kitchen

Looking at Elements Modular Kitchen this is exactly what I foresee, a huge change in 2050. Designed by Mathew Gilbride, this kitchen has been selected for the Electrolux Design Lab 2010. It has all the appliances in the form of wall mounted modules. These appliances include fridge,…

People miss The Dress, so they're debating whether a cat is going up or down stairs

People miss The Dress, so they’re debating whether a cat is going up or down stairs

– Tricia Gilbride

200) && (this.width >= this.height) ? 200: true); max-height: 200px; height: expression((this.height > 200) && (this.height >= this.width) ? 200: true); border: none;’/> It’s been a while since relationships were irreparably damaged by The Dress, and people evidently crave the chaos
There was a certain comfort in knowing that…

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