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Alright! My 2nd try at watercolor painting! I can’t say it looks great, but whatever, I’m happy with it.

I rediscovered yesterday the name of my favorite blue: Prussian Blue. The pigment was named as such because its color resembled that of the Prussian Army uniforms. Of course, I’m talking what the paint looks like, not what it looks like on paper (though you could get the color if concentrated enough).

Yeah I got too excited. I love Prussian blue and I’m happy I remember the name now.

askthegrumpyitalianvargas  asked:

Oi bastard your little piece of shit of a bird won't leave my fucking house and it ate my sorellas gold fish!(that's honestly scary to see a small bird eating a gold fish twice it's size) Make it leave or I will do it for you

Wh-Gilbird is too awesome to do something like that!

(Probable/rough translation: Oh holy shit)

((hehe, a lil reference for anyone who cares!


((AHHHHHHHHH YOU GUYS THIS IS THIRTY FOLLOWERS LATE,, BUT I HOPE THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH! AND THE NOTIFICATIONS ARE ACTUALLY THE ONES I GOT WHEN I REALIZED I HAD HIT 100, SO SHOUT OUT TO THOSE TWO. But really thank you all so much, it’s barely been two weeks since this blog started and just wow. I look forward to making more not-so-quality content for you guys, so please bear with me as i struggle to fix my art styles!!!))

((also because people actually asked for it i’ll do a meet the mun ish thing later after i clear out my ask box ; u ; it’ll probably just be a doodle of me and some facts on the side, unless someone wants me to do the interactive kind,,))