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I was supposed to finish last week prucan week prompts but instead i got the urge to do a tiny Halloween pattern for my background on my blog.:D 

Heres a few different version!

Feel free to use on your blog and computer background!:D

Please do not print them out on thing or repost them on any other website without my consent. thank you. I had a lot of problems with pattern thieves the last few months so please.:( 

Gilbert Beilschmidt Incorrect Quotes

“I miss the times where we could just carry swords.”

“If I could be paid to be annoying, I would be so rich!”

“I’m an early bird and a night owl, which means I don’t sleep.”

“I know I bring home a lot of stray pets, but we really need to keep this one, okay?”

“It’s just that time of year when everyone is an idiot…Yes, Ludwig, that includes me, weren’t you listening?”

“My sexuality? Anyone with a sense of humor!”

“Okay…I think I got it, but just in case…Tell me the whole thing again, I wasn’t listening.”

“Screw you, I’m hilarious!”

“You know, war was glorious until France and England fucked it up!”

“I’m just too tough to cry!…Yesterday doesn’t count! The prevent-animal-abuse-please-donate commercials are SUPPOSED to make you cry!”

“I am at peace with my past, and with the fact that I will fuck up again.”

“I forget what I’m forgetting!”

“Hey, guys, remember that one time when I shot Ivan in the chest? Haha, good times!”

“I love everything soft and cuddly. My dog, my bird, Matthew’s bear…Matthew.

“My your humor be dark, and your day be bright!”

“Wait, what was I talking about?”

“My hobbies include: Volunteering at animal shelters, having lunch with my Brother, playing the flute, and pranking France with Arthur.”

“Yeah, I’m an asshole, but I’m your asshole…That came out wrong.”

“What a time to be alive. Do you know what we have? Sunscreen! Do you know what I am? Albino! I’m sure you can imagine the blessing sunscreen is to me.”

“I came. I saw. I made it awkward.”

“I’m sorry, I was thinking about my parakeet, did you say something?”

“Wow, what a tangent! Where was I going with this? I had a point!”

“I’m not being dramatic!…Okay, maybe a little…”

“Weather or not I eat chocolate is the only shred of control I have in my life, so, dammit, I am eating chocolate!”

“Life’s a joke, so have fun!”

Alright! My 2nd try at watercolor painting! I can’t say it looks great, but whatever, I’m happy with it.

I rediscovered yesterday the name of my favorite blue: Prussian Blue. The pigment was named as such because its color resembled that of the Prussian Army uniforms. Of course, I’m talking what the paint looks like, not what it looks like on paper (though you could get the color if concentrated enough).

Yeah I got too excited. I love Prussian blue and I’m happy I remember the name now.


WIP of APH Halloween 2017!! Sketch layer(s) is all done, I’ll keep you posted on the line art and solid colours later this month! c: 

Guess what everyone is!! Some are VERY VERY specific, I’ll reward you with a free doodle of your OC or character of your choice if you can name every single one ON THE DOT ((betcha cant guess France’s))

Art tag VVVV

askthegrumpyitalianvargas  asked:

Oi bastard your little piece of shit of a bird won't leave my fucking house and it ate my sorellas gold fish!(that's honestly scary to see a small bird eating a gold fish twice it's size) Make it leave or I will do it for you

Wh-Gilbird is too awesome to do something like that!

(Probable/rough translation: Oh holy shit)

((hehe, a lil reference for anyone who cares!