“If you’ve seen Ghostbusters, then you know all about Kevin’s dog, Mike Hat… This scene is remarkable for several reasons. One, it’s hilarious that Kevin has a dog named Mike Hat, which he pronounces like “My Cat”. Two, the comedic chemistry between Hemsworth and McCarthy in this scene is 1,000 flaming fire emojis. And three, the entire thing was improvised by Hemsworth.“

You hear yourself walking on the snow.
You hear the absence of the birds.
A stillness so complete, you hear
the whispering inside of you. Alone
morning after morning, and even more
at night. They say we are born alone,
to live and die alone. But they are wrong.
We get to be alone by time, by luck,
or by misadventure.
—  Jack Gilbert, “Betrothed,” Collected Poems (Knopf, 2012)