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What about Gilbert and Break with girlfriend hc’s please? Thank you and have a nice day!

Have a nice day too!


  • Very shy at the beginning of the relationship. He often doesn’t believe that someone can love him and want to be with him. He needs some time to feel confident
  • He loves to cook for his girlfriend. Lactose intolerance? Only gluten free food? Vege? No problem. He always finds the right recipes which will be tasty. He will also be happy, when his girlfriend offers him help in washing up the dishes
  • Oz must meet his girlfriend. Gilbert hasn’t other option. This is his best friend, so it would be good if they liked each other. Of course, before the meeting Gilbert will be nervous. He would smoke a whole pack of cigarettes. At the meeting he will lie on the table and die inside. On Gilbert’s unhappiness, his girlfriend and Oz will find a common ground (cats and these matters…)
  • Especially for girlfriend, he will try to reduce smoking or quit smoking. However, this relationship will be too stressful for him to do it
  • Why so stressful? He still has the impression that he is the worst boyfriend in the world. His girlfriend always tries to show that it is different, but this boy needs time for everything. She must be patient


  • He will confess his girlfriend love only after Reim yelled at him. He will be convinced that, he is unsuitable for relationships and the girl will break with him soon. But Break will never say it out loud. 

  • After each meeting, his girlfriend will always find sweets in her pockets, which Break throws there

  • When they spend time together, Emily is in the other room. Break doesn’t like when she watches them

  • He really likes to sit down with his girlfriend on the couch and listen to her voice when she reads book. He puts his head on her shoulder and closes the eye

  • Just the same like Gilbert, his friends want to meet Break’s girlfriend. Reim will offer her help, and he will admire her that she can withstand with Break. Sharon also offers help, harisen and these books (yes, exactly the ones Alice showed)

  • The most common form of physical contact is holding the hand. Break likes to feel that his girlfriend is close. It gives him psychological comfort and the impression that she is theoretically safe with him


I am…a Baskerville. And yet, in spite of that…I am your faithful servant. That won’t change. No matter what you do…no matter what you say…that is not going to change. Not in the least!” ★ Gilbert Nightray ★ | Aka: RAVEN | for my lovely Camila~ ♥ ♥ @kurolove


-Tarot set order: major arcanas-

Here the final version of the Mochizuki tarot set! It has 22 cards (major arcanas), plus a bonus card with a random drawing (handmade drawing of a Mochizuki’s character in chibi version). 

Size: 80 mm (3,15 inches) x 150 mm (5,9 inches), 83 g (0,18 lb).

The full set costs 15 euros (about 17,8 USD), shipping not included (because it changes depending on the country you live). The orders will be taken if 10 person or more are interested, because under 10 the price of a set will be too high.

Some shipping prices:
- France: 1,40 euros
- EU: 2,20 euros
- USA & other countries:  2,60 euros (about 3,10 USD)

Just leave a message on this post if you’re interested! (:
(also, if you want a special chibi, let me know, otherwise it will be totally random)

Paypal preferred for the payment. 

[1st order batch will be closed on Jan, 21th]