Anne of Hogwarts

Chapter 14: Heart’s desire


Gilbert was allowed to leave the hospital ward the next day, and the first thing he did was go to find Anne. She’d wanted to stay with him, but Gilbert insisted that she get some proper rest.

He caught a glimpse of red hair in the great hall, next to Albus. Anne. He was finally hers, and he couldn’t quite believe it.


She immediately leapt up, rushing towards him and ignoring the stares in the hall. She didn’t care, once she let her feelings out there was no going back.

Anne threw her arms around Gilbert, and he gladly opened his arms for her. “Gil.”

Gilbert pulled back, looking into her face. “This is real isn’t it? You really like me?”

She laughed, cupping one of his cheeks, “Yeah, it’s real.”

Gilbert nodded slowly, but his smile said it all. “Good,” he leaned in and she tilted her head up to meet his.

“Uh, Anne?” Albus’ voice interrupted, both Anne and Gilbert pulling back.

“Are you finally…?” he looked between Anne and Gilbert, who were smiling at each other, arms still holding one another.

“We are,” she said, and Albus gasped happily. It had taken way too long in his opinion. He wanted to ask them everything, but something about the way they were looking at each other told Albus that they wanted to be left alone for now, so he quietly snuck away.

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  • gilbert blythe
  • punching assholes in the face kind of show
  • family and friendship and love comes first kind of show
  • the whole show is a cinnamon roll
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The most under-rated scene In Anne with an E is when Jerry asks if he can sleep in Anne’s bed for the night because he’s not used to sleeping alone. And she says yes, even though if anyone walked in on them it would probably be considered improper, because she just wanted her friend to be comfortable and feel loved and awww I love them.