gilbert nightray cosplay


Happy 10th Anniversary Pandora Hearts!

It’s been such a long time now.. PH started when I was 15 and now I’m 25. It doesn’t feel like it though ahahaha. I had a lot of fun all these years cosplaying with Yuzu and everyone else. Plus I met awesome people in this fandom and made some great friends QuQ

And of course I made many Cosplays. To be honest I’m working on at least 3 more atm. I just can’t stop with PH ahahaha ///7/// I hope it doesn’t bother any of you because I love it and will never stop

Well um… I hope I didn’t miss any of the cosplays I did so far because I love every single one and wanted to share them with you /////

Photographers are @yuzuberry @haruhanabi @sternenkind and Mopp!

And the cute Alyss is Gwen //7//