Do you even lift bro? 😂

My edit ^~^


I could see Prussia doing that lol

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So I finally, finally, finally got this ridiculously gorgeous jacket and while my first reaction was ‘MCR black parade vibes holy shit’ my dad’s reaction was ‘Looks p Prussian to me’, therefore these photos landed in between MCR and Gilbert Beilschmidt. 

Anyway! I got this jacket here and while I’m here, black friday is coming up and the website is going wild on sales so have a wee looksie here my angels!!!


Breaking my hiatus to post this!:D

I was practicing city backgrounds and well….here we are!:D

Thank you to all the people who voted for Gil as Tuxedo mask or Kaito Kid!:D (I can easily see Gil being a phantom thief! of course stopping by the boyfriend before the heist for good luck. grappling hooks are useful when said boyfriend lives on the 9th floor…)

Please do not repost on any other website or use without my consent thank you.:D