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Remember when Gilbert Arenas was funny in a quirky sort of way, and you really loved all the stuff that came out of his mouth because he was still nailing 3-pointers and giving his team a chance to win?

He’s still funny, but now it’s sorta sad. 

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Gilbert Arenas is giving away his shoes. All of them. 

He said he has about 70 pairs he wore this season and about 40 more that he never wore and they are all up for grabs. Just follow his twitter account (@agentzeroshow) and tweet at him for a chance to win. 

Gilbert is the self-appointed Sneaker Champ and his collection includes some real gems. Plus, Gil finally seems to have shaken the Emo off so he’s totally worth the follow just for the hilarity. 


Gilbert Arenas was the first basketball player I ever looked up to because of how everyone doubted his skills. He proved everyone wrong and stuck with his jersey number 0 because everyone thought he wouldn’t play any minutes. He would stick with his 0 until he went to the NBA.

“When no one believes, believe in yourself.”

-Gilbert Arenas

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