Commission by dokiarte. She did the four Gilber siblings as chibis and I colored them in.

In order;

Aiden is the oldest and the most down-to-earth out of his siblings. He’s intelligent, and he typically works in the background. He’s practical, and works towards the best outcome. He smiles even when angered.

Jareth is the second oldest and the de facto leader. He’s fun-loving and mellow, if not a bit silly and playful. Despite his attitude, he is actually very insightful and internally conflicted over his responsibilities.

Talia is the second youngest and a literal cinnamon roll. Good to a fault, she tries to see the good in the others and trusts people instantly. Quitting isn’t in her vocabulary, and she’s always eager to help others in need.

Erish is the baby of the family and the most brash. She’s hyper, easily distracted, and very hot tempered. She fancies male clothing and hates being called cute. She also rebellious and adventurous.