gilan talks

You know what, go ahead and love someone with your whole heart. Put your all into a relationship. Assume it’s going to last forever. Make them feel special. Think about them when you’re walking home from work. Go out of your way to kiss them under the stars on a little bridge and a little river. Look up to them and try to be the best person you can for them. Fuck I love you Crowley

On Valentine's Day

This year I did not make valentines. The evening of Valentine’s Day I was encamped near the peak of a mountain. All was rocks and mist and moss, and I was sheltered in a small outcropping with not even Blaze for company. The moon was only peaking behind a heavy drape of velvet clouds, and the wind was like a song you’ve once heard but is now just a painful memory. I was alone.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have been a ranger if I hate being alone so much. But when I am alone I start thinking of my Troubled Past and my Hidden Anguish and everything gets cheesily dramatic from there. I walked out from the outcrop by the trance of the night. I threw back my head and howled at the moon because what else can you do in a situation like that?
A pack of wolves that lived in the pine thickets heard me, and they came and adopted me as part of their pack. For years I hunted and lived and played with those wolves. I finally belonged. Then one day Halt came through the woods and caught a glimpse of me with my pack.
“Well Gilan,” he called out, “you have proved to be more of a dumbass than I imagined before. Come here and wash these dishes.”
So I went back home and did ranger things and ate some plumb tart and everything was okay again.
Happy (late) Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re not alone and overdramatic.