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You know what, go ahead and love someone with your whole heart. Put your all into a relationship. Assume it’s going to last forever. Make them feel special. Think about them when you’re walking home from work. Go out of your way to kiss them under the stars on a little bridge and a little river. Look up to them and try to be the best person you can for them. Fuck I love you Crowley

More Happened in Sixteen Years Than What was Said, Geez

I’m just going to put it bluntly: The Royal Ranger was a terrible portrayal of events that occurred in my life. So I’d like to try and clear up a number of things. You may want to grab a chair because this will be almost as long as a BBC special or Ken Burns documentary. Don’t ask how I know about those, either. I want to fill you in on some things that happened in the last sixteen years which may explain The Royal Ranger a bit better.

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