I’ve seen people saying that because of the allusion that Maggie has to the Beauty and the Beast story, Maggie is Beauty and Star!Host is Beast. I’ve also seen people saying that maybe Maggie is the Gaston to Gil’s Beauty.

I think it’s actually kind of the contrary.

Maggie could very possibly be the Beast, while Star!Host is the Beauty and yes, Gil’s Gaston. I mean, think about it! If, let’s say, Maggie finally got straight the fact that she might turn into a monster and Star!Host tries to actually help her? And then Star!Host starts to fall in love with Maggie and she finally notices that she’s loving him and Gil. But then Gil falls in love with Star!Host and tries to get him? Gil could very much be envious of their relationship.

Nevy could help him.

But that’s just a theory please don’t take this too serious!


Omg, just omg. Michelle has outdone herself. Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL. Thank you holy mother Michelle for these blessed gifts and we look forward to future treasures.

I love the Vengess Ava one, it’s like ‘Ava Ire?’. I like the doubt that this is the same sweet girl we fell in love with. Is she still herself or an monster.