gil x catherine

Found a very short CSI drabble in my notebook...

Found something I scribbled down in a notebook from 2009, back in the days of my incredible obsession with the CSI fandom. Oh, 2009 me.


It was as if his posthumous eyes could see, his eyelids refusing to close for fear of the ultimate departure. It was as if he was still with his now cold, livid and lifeless body, begging for a second chance.

She simply stood over him, her hands frighteningly still on the gray steel gurney. Her face devoid of any signs of human emotion, she stared back at his eyes, which used to pour out hatred and infatuation, sometimes simultaneously. 

‘Where are your lies and your punches now?’ She thought, recalling the countless times she had simply let his blatant fabrications slide, because she thought she was better than the nagging, clingy wives. Because she knew that, after all the fooling around and even the violence, he would always come back to her. 

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