gil scott heron and jamie xx

Monday mood brighteners

URGH MONDAY’S amiright? It’s a tough day of the week for sure, so I always try and boost my morale by listening to anything uplifting. Here are some of my classic ‘go-to’ tracks.

So much to love about this Stevie classic. The lyrics are also a good reminder to celebrate life and stay positive….total sunshine music

Gil Scott-Heron’s gravelly vocals + Jamie xx’s beautiful melodies = Instant happiness….this makes me want to hug everyone

The strings alone in this song make it immense, it’s just soooo good!

OBVIOUSLY we have to end with this. One of the best songs ever. I can often be spotted walking to work on a Monday morning singing along to this (and probably getting strange looks….WORTH IT!) And after watching the video again, I’ve just realised how much the lead singer of Toto is a perfect cross between Zach Galifianakis and Bevers from Broad City


Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx - I’ll Take Care Of You (Special DJ Version)
Genre: Remix/Edit
Rating: 4/5