gil k

“You’ll always be my lily of the lamplight. My own dear Roderich.”

Lily of the Lamplight has got to be my favourite George deValier fic. A scene in Chapter 1, where Gilbert sees Roderich in Berlin for the first time. I was listening to Vera Lynn songs this entire time my heart hurts. 

I tried to incorporate everything I learnt from last term’s classes– Mainly focal points and controlling values and hues. Most of all it’s nice to be able to paint stuff that you feel moved by. :) 

anonymous asked:

I just read your Idol reader thing and loved it! Maybe you could write one for Seung-Gil ,Yuri K and Phichit? Thank you for your time

I’m so glad you liked them! ((Original headcanons can be read here. And angst version can be read here.)) Thank you for the request,  I hope you enjoy~ (sorry for the wait too ugh. It took me some time to get inspired ;-;)

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • he feels like the luckiest guy in the world holy shit
  • He sometimes wonders how someone as beautiful and amazing as you would choose him
  • Sometimes his insecurity gets the best of him and he has a breakdown
  • “Why would you want to be with me, (Y/N)?! You can have literally anyone you want and you chose me! WHy-“
  • “Yuri, stfu I luv you ok”
  • usually afterwards you have to show him how much you love him if u get mah meanin
  • He usually feels a lot better when you walk proudly by his side in public, holding his hand
  • The paparazzi usually scares him because it can be kind of overwhelming
  • But he sees the way you keep calm and it helps him do the same
  • He likes to tag along to your photoshoots and things to admire you
  • if you catch his eye while you’re posing and wink at him, his heart will either stop or his dick will suffer in his pants, but no matter what his face is gonna get dark red
  • With his skating career starting to take off, he can’t come with you to other countries when traveling for work most of the time
  • These times of separation can be really tough for him, so he buys a Polaroid camera to start a collection of photos to look at and keep himself grounded while you’re away
  • And more often than not he leaves you a bunch of sappy voicemails while you’re working just so he can hear your voice in the voicemail message but don’t worry it’s not annoying it’s cute
  • He doesn’t really know how to handle the fans at times
  • He loves the fact that so many people appreciate how wonderful and amazing you are, but he sometimes feels jealous because he worries that he can’t give you the love you deserve
  • Other times though, he uses his jealousy to drive him to be very passionate and affectionate towards you
  • Overall 10/10 best relationship ever

[Phichit Culanont]

  • Besides your respectful accounts, you have a joint account to document your relationship and activities
  • your official unofficial social media manager no doubt ((but he likes to be paid in kisses))
  • He comes to your photoshoots and events to capture behind-the-scenes moments for your social media
  • The photos he takes are more aesthetically pleasing than the ones the photographer takes???? idk how he does it fam
  • You both make your schedules work out so you’re rarely apart
  • The longest you’ve been apart is probably four days
  • Phichit probably suffers withdrawals if he goes too long without taking a selfie with you js
  • The Snapchat stories you guys make care the cut es t things eve rrr
  • Your fans are the most taken care of fans in the world
  • Phichit is such a sweetheart to both of your fans and would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy
  • Sometimes he even spends too much time taking care of fans you guys come across in public
  • “Babe, we gotta go. We’re going to be late if we don’t-“
  • “(Y/N) pls these are our fans i love them and we need to cherish them“
  • “Phichit jfc pLeaSE”
  • The paparazzi don’t bother either of you in the slightest
  • Crowds of photographers mean a lot of professional photos for free, so Phichit doesn’t waste a single opportunity
  • You guys hold hands and smile for the cameras, holding your heads high and waving and blowing kisses and such
  • One time, a particularly large group of photographers was following you two at a Christmas market, and Phichit grabbed your hand and pulled up up so you both were standing on a bench. He yelled “GET A LOAD OF THIS!” and French kissed you in front of everyone
  • You guys broke the internet from that one
  • You two are the cutest couple in the media and everyone adores you as much as you adore each other~

[Seung-Gil Lee]

  • The paparazzi hate you guys because you refuse to give them what they want
  • I’m talking huge sunglasses and big coats while holding hands and walking fast, away from the crowds of photographers
  • Stone-cold expressions are all they’re getting out of you two
  • tbh he just wants to be left alone while he spends time with you but i guess that’s just the price he needs to pay
  • Seung-Gil has some trouble with making sure to dedicate time to your fans
  • It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate them, he just puts you above them on his list of priorities, and that can result in him putting all of his attention on you
  • plus you’re so beautiful that he has a hard time looking away from you and making sure you’re safe
  • You guys probably have a mansion to retreat to at the end of the day
  • and you can bet you guys are gonna have a million dogs just saying
  • He likes to spoil you in every way possible
  • Cars, vacations, expensive jewelry, you name it
  • Seung-Gil’s favorite thing is taking you clothes shopping because seeing you in so many different clothes is like heaven on earth
  • Y’know the thing where boyfriends hate sitting outside dressing rooms while you try on clothes???? yeah 104.7% not him he loves that part of shopping trips
  • He’s a major homebody, so he doesn’t really enjoy traveling with you for work and such
  • Your success makes him very proud, but running around the world with you constantly isn’t really his cup of tea, so he prefers to stay home and work on his skating and take care of the dogs
  • on the contrary he gets pouty when you aren’t able to come to his skating competitions like wtf Seung-Gil youre so nee d y
  • He misses you a lot, but he likes to text you throughout the day and call you whenever he has the chance
  • Probably sends you a ton of pictures of the dogs so you don’t have to miss them
  • Once he sent you a selfie of him and all of the dogs cuddling on the couch and it was your phone background for ages
  • He’s proabbly the type to keep any magazine or newspaper that has you on/in it on the coffee table to look at while you’re away
  • He might act all calm and cool once you come back home, but he’s going to shower you with affection and cuddles once you’re alone and in the bedroom