gil film meme

Big Girls Blouses starring Nick Jonas, Beyonce Knowles, and Morgan Freeman (suggested by mariuspontmercy)

We’ve know each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching but
You’re too shy to say it
- Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley 

Jules (Jonas) is convinced he’s a black woman trapped in a white teen’s body. He searches craiglist for the most legitimate wizard he can find, and stumbles upon Franjellico (Freeman). He looks like a bum, but if he can deliver the goods, who cares? After performing a risky spell, Jules’ soul is switched with that of a famous pop singer, Margaret (Knowles). Jules is in heaven - but Margaret is in hell! Margaret is determined to get back into the body that she loves, but she has no idea how or where to find Jules. Madness ensues when Margaret finds out she has only three days to reverse the spell, or she’ll be a white male teenager forever!

Your Diary starring David Tennant, Emily Deschanel, and Amanda Tapping (suggested by different-heartbeats)

Suddenly you’ll move away from me
What more is it that I could be, if you move away from me
You on that train
I was alone in your room
When there on the floor, I saw a little black book
You left it there on the floor
Open it up and its
Your diary, your diary, open and inviting me back
- Your Diary, Franz Ferdinand

Plain ordinary Alinka (Deschanel) keeps a first person diary of the woman she wishes she could be. Her alter ego, Jennifer (Tapping) is wild, spontaneous, sexy and flirty - everything that Alinka is afraid to be. While writing in her diary on the train under the guise of her alter ego, she writes a particularly raunchy entry about the passenger across from her. After accidentally leaving her diary on the seat, the passenger across, Lucas (Tennant) picks it up. He falls in love with this wild flirty woman, not realising that she’s a fictional character. When he reaches the final raunchy entry which could only be about him, he sets out to return the diary and win her heart - but what happens when he realises that the woman he’s seeking is the exact opposite of the character he fell in love with? Has he fallen in love with the woman Alinka could never be, or is she waiting for someone to help her discover how to be Jennifer?

Diana starring Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, and Billy Crystal (suggested by peaceloveparseltongue)

She cries and you want to hold her 
She lies and you want to run away 
But just give her a minute 
I promise you’re in it to stay 
- She Cries, Songs For A New World

Marcus (Brody) is the son of Joseph Flint (Crystal) a renowned therapist. During the summer holidays, as a punishment for crashing his fathers car, he has to work reception at his dad’s therapy clinic in New York. While he’s there, he meets one of his dad’s patients, Diana (Bell). He begins to develop feelings for her, regardless of the fact that he knows she is battling a severe case of schizophrenia. He wants to be the type of guy who can stick with the girl he loves no matter what she comes up against, but he doesn’t know if he’s strong enough. He ultimately has to decide whether to choose his father, or his new love, Diana, who’s mood changes like the wind and could be gone the next day.