gil brothers


jensen sings, simple man at jib jailbreak (amazing)

brother with jason & rob

wagon wheel with the gang

the weight, also with the gang


Action Bronson
The fat bully who loves food

Aesop Rock
The science fair winner

Angel Haze
The A.G. dyke who knows how to fight

Andy Mineo
The born-again Christian

A$AP Rocky
The fuckboy with a fashion sense

Asher Roth
The surfer kook

Azealia Banks
The one ratchet bitch that nobody likes

Cibo Matto
The twins who have eating disorders

Danny Brown
The nerd with the weird laugh

The illiterate

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino
The deep-thinking poet who used to be socially awkward

The heartbroken kid who is coping over his ex by hanging out with his friends

Earl Sweatshirt
The metalhead in the back of the classroom

The poor kid with anger issues

The kid who tries to educate everyone else; the “streetpreacher”

Flavor Flav
The kid who is always late for his classes

Flo Rida
The kid who loves his hometown way too much

Flying Lotus / Captain Murphy
The quiet kid who lives a double life outside of school

Gangsta Boo
The girl everyone is afraid of because she has a lot of older brothers

Gil-Scott Heron
The super-senior jazz enthusiast

Iggy Azalea
The white kid who tries to act black; the “burger”

Jay Z
The leader of the popular crew with a criminal family history

J. Cole
The straight A student

Joey Bada$$
The musical old soul

Kanye West
The douchebag who always plays the victim

Kendrick Lamar
The kid who escaped the gangbanging lifestyle

KiD CuDi
The pothead who sneaks out of Algebra to smoke alone at the parking lot

Killer Mike
The gossiper

Lil Jon
The wingman who helps the others get girls

Lil Wayne
The black kid who tries to act white; the “coconut”

Lil Yachty
The SpongeBob-obsessed eight grader with social anxiety that hangs out with the highschoolers during recess

Lupe Fiasco
The teacher’s pet

The only kid who actually watches the news

Mac Miller
The Internet-famous kid who hosts weekend parties

MF Doom
The graphic novel fanatic

The transfer student who focuses on politics

Nicki Minaj
The wise single mother who knows how to get her life together

The alcoholic

Pusha T
The drug dealer

Rae Sremmurd
The freshmen duo

Soulja Boy Tell ‘em
The dance major

The poseur

The whore

twenty | one | pilots
The sensitive kids who try to be on everyone’s good side

Tyler, The Creator
The class clown

The slacker

The proud redneck

Young Thug
The closeted homosexual

Yung Lean
The Tumblr kid who brags about their vacation to Tokyo last summer

Prussia: Whoa, did you see that?!

Canada: See what?

America: Hold on, we need our glasses… 

Prussia: England?

England: Well, my sight’s not exactly tip-top, either–

Prussia: Why must my eyesight be so strong?! Why must I bear the gift of seeing everything in the world!! I am surrounded by–

Canada: Gil–

Prussia: IT is… the loneliest sense. 

There’s that post going around about wishing to be able to delete your memory of one videogame. Well, I wish I was able to delete my memory of reading the Pandora Hearts manga so I could experience all the feels and heart-wrenching plot twists once again!
Vincent Nightray is one of my favourite fictional characters ever. When I first started the series, I was more into his brother (Gil) and Break, but I must admit Vincent was one of the main reasons why I started the manga right after finishing the anime in 2009.

Wow, trying to switch back to drawing in my Pandora Hearts-y style was so weird!


jensen & the gang sing at jib jailbreak

jensen sings simple man, brother with jason & rob + more with the rest of the guys & girl (gil, sasha, bri, adam)

(drop by youtube to thank the fan who filmed the whole gig)


When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..

Update on the Disney’s Descendants Family Tree!

Reblog the updated version if you can, please! 

So the third installment of the Descendants novel series “Rise of the Isle of the Lost” reveals a lot of things about a few characters, and among them are family member related. Thanks to @everyonelovesagoodstory for point this out.

If you want to see the rest of the Family Tree for the other characters, the link above will lead you to the complete set. Will keep updating when there is new information. 

The book described Aziz as the eldest son,  implying that Aladdin and Jasmine may have another child or children.

Lonnie has an older brother named Lil Shang who graduated from Auradon Prep, is an assistant coach for R.O.A.R., and is trying to launch his hip hop career. I’m just going to assume “Lil” is his nickname here because Mulan and Shang can’t possibly be THAT lazy to give their eldest son a meaningful Chinese name (probably a more endearing alternative to “Shang Jr.).

So my confusion has been cleared up in Rise of The Isle of the Lost that Harriet, Harry, and CJ are in fact siblings, with their ages in that order from eldest to youngest. My assumption that Harriet and CJ are the same character is apparently wrong. CJ’s initials stand for “Calista Jane.” My question still stands as to whether or not they were born from the same mother, seeing as James doesn’t seem to be the faithful type.

Thanks to @carlossal for pointing this out. It’s also confirmed that Gil has brothers, most likely the two Gaston Jrs. that were introduced in the first novel, Isle of the Lost. Does Gaston have any more sons other than these three? Do they share the same mother or not? 

Retrospective Episode - Side Elliot - English Translation - Part Four

Hey~! ^-^ Here is Part Four, the final part. Part One can be found here, Part Two here,  and Part Three here, and Part Four below. Enjoy~! :)

Page Fourteen:

Vincent: “…………He’s following us again.”

SFX: kon -cough-

Vincent: “Che…And it’s so obvious too.”

Gilbert: “Yeah, but…It’s kinda cute.”

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Imagine that one night feliciano went to a bar with ludwig, gil, and his brother he ended up being hit on by some guy. The guy buys him a drink. Feli takes one look at it and immediately dumps the entire thing on the dude’s head and, serene as you please, goes “I spent a chunk of my childhood surviving the medici, you think I don’t know when my drink’s being drugged?” Lud and gil are basically frozen in shock while lovi is like yeee get em

anonymous asked:

Heartfelt anon and tbh ?? All of those sound adorable

kehkurhfk THANKS BUT YOU’RE SADLY WRONG, gilbert has like a handful of emotions and most of them are unpleasant 

the first one is by far the least adorable—Gilbert in the modern day is a powderkeg of issues that are only exasperated by Ludwig worrying about him, so most of the time that there’s Strong Feelings in the household it’s because Lutz is trying to look out for his older brother and Gil’s feeling ashamed + furious that his younger brother even feels the need to do that. like. there’s all kinds of open wounds around. i’m sure i’ve touched on them before so i won’t go too into detail here

SECOND ONE!!! MUCH SWEETER!!! they care deeply about each other, of course, and that’s in pretty much everything. Gil’s always offering advice and his help in whatever way he can, and he’s fiercely proud of his brother, and Ludwig’s terribly terribly fond of his brother, and concerned for his distress, and has been doing whatever possible to make his life in the modern day more convenient in any way he can. they argue and get upset at each other a lot, but it’s never because either of them actually ever dislikes the other, it’s just that they’ve got Very Different Ideas of how to handle situations and what even qualifies as a “handled” situation

i refer to gil as a liar a lot LMAO but i don’t really think that he does it that often, nor his brother. Both he and ludwig primarily lie when they think it’s what’s best to do—but so a lot of these lies are like “don’t worry about me, i’m fine” lies that they say bc they both realize that the other is under a lot of stress, and don’t want to contribute any more pain to it? but the fact is that both of them eventually realize they’re both lying, and so when either says like “no worries, i’m fine” then they’re both just fuckin [eyes emoji] “haha! of course! totally! sure.”

and so when they can actually like sit the fuck down and talk it over without any bullshit in the way they actually make some god damn progress—the only problem is that it hurts a whole lot.

Clanks, Gender, Sexuality and Romance

Some fairly disorganised thoughts.

Most clanks are neuter but, disappointingly, use masculine words without comment. The Castle calls the Beast “brother”, Gil calls the Castle “Monsieur le Chateau” (although “chateau” is masculine which may be a factor?). It’s hard to imagine “sister” or “Madame le Chateau” passing without comment.

Queenie may be the exception to the rule, either on a meta-level because she’s an analogue of Agatha or because Zeetha gave her a feminine name. I was going to complain about the only feminine dingbot being the only one to get gendered pronouns, but actually I think that’s a fandom thing so I can only blame myself. In canon, Queenie gets referred to as “it” while still a Mysterious Orb and then I don’t think anyone uses a pronoun at all?

The Muses are female and appear to identify as female, which makes sense because they’re aesthetically female and aesthetics is a big part of who they are, since they’re works of art as much as practical creations.

Otilia winds up in a female body as Von Pinn and while she’s acutely dysphoric for a number of reasons, gender doesn’t seem to be one of them.

(On a tangent I have a headcanon that the Castle would dislike singular “they” because, as a being that actually is plural/fractal but identifies strongly as individual, it would feel not misgendered, but misnumbered.)

Sexuality gets a bit weird for clanks. They definitely can’t have sex and are unlikely to desire it, but some of them may take an interest.

The Castle is programmed to preserve the Heterodyne line, which includes taking an interest in whether they’re having sex, but it goes beyond the clinical and often comes off as a huge voyeur. “Wulfenbachs are known for their oversized weaponry”? It doesn’t seem interested in sex on its own behalf, which is just as well because every way I can imagine the Castle implementing that is horrifying, but comes off as cheerfully pansexual and enjoying oggling people.

Von Pinn is… ambiguously something with André. I mean, she’s driving him off and beating him up, but the students already know it takes her longer to get rid of him than any other Jäger. Plus, that’s what he sees as flirting. It’s hard to say how she sees it.

Romantically, the Castle may have an interest in Otilia. I’m not sure, but I’d see it that way if they weren’t clanks, I think? They’re not really friends, but the Castle is very insistent on preserving Otilia, even when she tries to attack its Heterodyne, and tells Agatha that she was no threat and there was no need to hurt her as if its ever objected to hurting anyone else.

It also seems perfectly happy to have her taking command of its wayward systems.