gil and sara

Okay, I’ve decided to make a new version of my Yoi shipping meme, because I made the first one around episodes 8-9 and I’ve changed my mind about a few things XD
You can find the first version and blank meme here


Fairytales on Ice?

Finally done with this piece! Presenting all the characters and their respective roles. Will probably do a chart so you guys can see their relationship with each other. If you haven’t read the comic yet check out the first part here

  • Yuuri hugging Yakov: too old
  • Yuuri hugging Sara: too petite
  • Yuuri hugging Mickey: too shaky
  • Yuuri hugging Emil: too lean
  • Yuuri hugging Seung-Gil: too rigid
  • Yuuri hugging JJ: too muscular
  • Yuuri hugging Yuri: too hard to catch
  • Yuuri hugging Victor: just right
the signs as Yuri!!! on Ice characters
  • Aries: Jean Jacques Leroy
  • Taurus: Kenjirou Minami
  • Gemini: Leo de la Iglesia
  • Cancer: Georgi Popovich
  • Leo: Yuri Plisetsky
  • Virgo: Phichit Chulanont
  • Libra: Viktor Nikiforov
  • Scorpio: Seung-gil Lee
  • Sagittarius: Christophe Giacometti
  • Capricorn: Mila Babicheva
  • Aquarius: Sara Crispino
  • Pisces: Yuuri Katsuki

hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving! and here is aNOTHER INSTA POST!!!!! something more on the silly side b/c i refuse to accept that makkachin is sick, he’s going to bE OKAY

anyways, i just realized today that jj’s fucking gang sign hand thing is supposed to be two j’s as in “J J” like i never realized that till today like we all saw his character profile before the anime aired and i was always like the fuck is he doing with his hands and noW IT ALL MAKES SENSE LMAO 

also he’d definitely would force everyone to do the jj thing with him 

Ignoring the heteronormativity of “Cinderella”, Yuuri reminded me of Prince Charming for a bit in Episode 9

Looking for the perfect fit for the hug that got away, like



Uh… no.

Yuuri, NO!

The king be like “wut”


“I guess I should give up”

And then, the perfect fit:



So I decided to sketch ALL SKATERS! (plus the skater girlfriends as bonuses ;D)

Hope you guys enjoy~ <3

The Grand Prix Finalists (and Viktor) are here! [PART 1]

All I can say is THANK YOU YOI STAFF AND KUBO SENSEI. It was a magnificent anime, a MASTERPIECE. We’ll wait for the next level ‘cause we know it’s worth it.
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Post Skating Hugfest X7

1. Sara Crispino - the Italian girl who started it all! 

2. Michele Crispino - the Italian Siscon who is the reason why things escalated.

3. Emil Nekola - the Czech guy who came to help the Italian Siscon. 

4. Seung-gil Lee - the Korean air-head icicle who got dragged into everything.

5. Jean Jacques Leroy - the Canadian King who deemed himself invinsible. 

6. Yuri Plisetsky - the Russian Cat who was smart enough to start running.

7. Yuuri Katsuki - the Japanese Katsudon who is missing his boyfriend’s hugs. 

We need to talk about Emil and the man he has his arm around!!…