25 Days of The Epic of Zektbach: Day 15 - Favorite pairing

Gijiri x Ido!!!

I don’t know how much I’ve hinted at my love for this pairing, but yes, ever since the drama cd I’ve loved the two of them together!!! <3  Ever since they were young, Ido (or rather Minawa at that time) has been there for Gijiri, and they were going to find the origin of the Kagachijin together, and that time in Wenkamui, thats where I think they developed feelings for one another (In my mind, anyways xD) I just love the way they talk to each other, thats why I love the Wenkamui chapter so much~ it’s mostly Gijiri and Ido talking <3 (Though I wish I understood more…) And then by the end, I realized I shipped them~

IDO WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE THOUGH?!  Leaving poor Gijiri all alooooone…. but their final conversation, oh, I love it so much!! ;_;