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"Perhaps you could come to Isle Delfino again! That would be really cool, we never get important people visiting here, apart from that giant drunk boo who calls himself King."

I would love to go back to Isle Delfino. I just need the time to do so. Well, that and an escort. There’s no way Toadsworth would let me go on my own. It’s too dangerous in his opinion.

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"Yeah, I live here; Noki Bay to be exact. I'm Eely Mouth! I saw Mario and his water-machine thing, and seeing as you know him, I was wondering if you could tell him that I said thanks for helping me out; my toothache's gone, as well as the pollution!"

OH! Eely! Mario told me about you. Seemed as if you have quite a few rotten teeth that needed to be clean. I’m glad you were able to recover. Toothaches can be quite troublesome especially when you eat a lot of sweets but I don’t think that was the case for you. I’ll be sure to tell him of your gratitude. I’m sure he was happy to help you anyways. 

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"Hey, you must be Princess Peach! I heard about you while you were on Isle Delfino. You're friends with Mario, right?"

Yes, I am! I wasn’t aware that anyone knew of my presences on Isle Delfino. It’s such a lovely place… well not at first but after all that nonsense was cleared up, it was a great vacation spot. Do you live there? 

Mario is a dear friend of mines. I owe everything to him for helping me in so many scenarios. He really is the best! May I ask what your name is?