gijinka dragonair

To get outta my funk i’m going to just do my favorite thing and that is design things. Mainly atm pokemon gijinkas I missed them.

So I made one I always wanted to make a good one of, one of my favorites Dragonair.

Shes a priestess and I like to believe in the little realm she is in that shes like a butler of sorts to Lugia. Though debated to have her lead a cult to following Lugia (thus the book LOL) Either way I love her and I am happy with this gijinka!

Shes also a giant woman, and 7ft tall <3


My current mess of doodles I was working on all morning till I got called into work on my day off again >:/

But I did get let go early so I got to come home and work again, I’m going to full color the top 3 to work on my colors and get myself outta this funk I feel in.

Got Norma and her pal Ophanim, Mandlyns Magic Show (still need 3 more kids if anyones got anthros they want in there *wink wonk*) and my Dragonair at the Temple on Whirl Island. Also a old concept I had about magical girl hunter lol.

Milks also a human and a cutie. That was from yesterday before I slept all afternoon *sob*