Here are some sharpie mini-projects I was working on. I personally love the Artman and my own OC work. (The Sleepykinq one was a fail, I can never draw him right. ;w; )

Also, this is my first time I drew with Sharpies so sorry if some of them looked screwed. (Like Nonemu’s cheeks).

Henry’s design belongs to @asktheinkdemon
Gijink Bendy belongs to @askgijinkabendy
Mystery (the purple cat) belongs to @sleepy-kinq
Nonemu/Victor belongs to me
Artman belongs to Rebornica
Cross!Chara belongs to @jakei95

For the most part I ignore conservation of mass in context of Gijinka but I do really love the idea of an imperial or a Ridgeback gijink being nigh impossible to pick up because of their density, or someone just. Being so big they start packing the extra mass into their hair and it just turns into this Rapunzellian mane.

both parents give off such pleasant friendly vibes, they seem like parents who rly love one another and their kinds. gotta reflect that in the gentle dopey countenances of their gijinks

anonymous asked:

I think it will be incredibly badass if Noah's team fought against other teams from different Gijinka Nuzlockes like Deja's or Umberon's.

well atm yes but im totally sure that when they have 8 badges, noah’s team will the strongest k ek <3

so the internet @ my family’s new place is not up yet & im glued to mobile, but I would like to share with u all a tall & shy child I finally made a gijink design for Pellas, kiddo of a bunch of people (but mostly Bastion)

 Facts about him: 

 -a leatherworker, p darn good at it 

-quiet & shy around people he dont know 

-taller than both of his bio parents 

-lip ring! 

-likes snow fights, does not like being sweaty 

-adores his dad Bastion 

-is seen as being spoilt by him by a good quarter of the lair, but does not give a shit 

-didn’t really care whether he visited Light to learn abt his heritage/culture or whatever, but went gladly bc it make his #1 dad happy 

-may be reconsidering it bc its very hot & gross, also his dad keeps getting hit on by strangers & its awk