So i went into a competitive match. After I said hey, they said “WOOOAHHH A GIIIRRLLL???”

Shrugged that off. The guy autolocked pharah. So i politely asked if i could have her. But then i was met with “UUGGHHHH NOOO I HAVE LIKE 50 HOURS ON PHARAH”

Bitchass… my entire career has about 200 ish hours on her….

One of our players left so i just said “ you werent pleasant to play with”.

Gotta love summer competitive because all these kids who are supposed to have a bed time are up playing.


Plot: just Seb fucking you in a bathroom | Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, oral, fingering, this gif I added???

Word count: 2375

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A New Year’s Eve party with your co-workers, in a club. What a dream come true. This was the last place you’d wanted to spend the last night of the year, but here you were, standing next to the bar, a glass of red wine in your hand, waiting for your friend who promised to be back in 5 minutes, but it had already been about 20.

You watched people grind on each other on the dancefloor; two of your male colleagues making out in the corner across the room made you smile. They always did have a crush on each other, it was adorable, yet gross since they were practically dry humping each other in public. 

But then your friend popped up right behind you, startling you. “Giiirrlll, you have no idea what just happened.’‘ 

You snorted. ’'What?”

“I just met my possible future husband! Did you know Chris Evans is here?” she practically squealed. You arched an eyebrow in question, since you weren’t really familiar with the name. 

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Really not loving the way Takahashi writes female characters

Geddit guys, because she’s a ~woman~ so obviously her big sin isn’t cruelty or abuse of power, it’s ~vanity,~ and her karmic punishment is for everyone to see what she looks like without her makeup on because if she’s ugly on the inside then she must secretly be ugly on the outside.

See guys, Anzu’s a giiirrlll, so while the torture machine tickles everyone else it has to squeeze her breasts. That’s just how fictional torture machines work guys I don’t make the rules watcha gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also isn’t it hilarious that this baby, this literal months-old infant, is a pervert who uses his age to get away with groping and sexually harassing women? Isn’t it hysterical that he only cares whether Anzu lives or dies because he won’t be able to feel her up if she’s dead? Isn’t that just the funniest running gag you’ve ever heard in your life?

Whoaaa, look guys, it’s a giirrrlll. The only girl out of the dozens of people participating in this entire tournament, obviously, because it’s so weird and unusual and noteworthy for a girl to be doing something as ~manly~ as playing a card game. Especially a Sexy Girl. Have we mentioned in the last 30 seconds that she’s sexy? Because she is. Really sexy. It is vital to the plot for teenage boys to be lusting over her in every single panel she’s ever in.

Geddit, because like we established earlier women are ~vain~ and the worst punishment you could ever give one is to make her old and ugly. Because you see, women are shallow (speaking of which how dare anyone enter a tournament for the prize money, doesn’t this selfish b*tch know that the only valid reason to play a trading card game is to save an actual human life) and they only care about their looks. This has nothing to do with the fact that I, the male author, only care about women for their looks.

(I could go on but I’m already Tired. Anyway I’m sure other ppl have pointed out all this shit before, it’s just been the uncomfortable backround radiation of my entire ygo manga experience and I gotta vent)

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giiirrlll we are dying over here without the links

Links don’t just go live immediately after the episode airs, booboo! I’ll have the link up as soon as it’s available, I promise!