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ally what do i do? theres a boy with the loveliest eyes who looks at me like im the only soul in the world, he works at my iga but i dont know how to talk to him?? we had a brief conversation when i went to pick up an application form and he was so sweet and gosh the way he looked at me!!! but my tummy does back flips whenever i think about him, let alone see him!! i dont know what to do, im normally really unshy and extroverted but i see his eyes and i freeze!!

GIIIRRLLL or BOYYYYY you’ve gotta go for it! Go back in there tomorrow and buy some more things, strike up a conversation if there’s nobody behind you in line :) I chat to the register clerk all the time, whether male or female, young or old, he’s going to appreciate a little conversation and maybe seeing you is the very best part of his day. Just ask how their day has been, how their weekend was, if they know any cool jokes, tell him you like his eyes, anything! Go after that beautiful boy and let me know how it goes ☺️☺️