Dawes visit Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda. The band got the opportunity to meet some of these refugees and learn about their lives and the challenges they face daily. Here, Dawes plays “How Far We’ve Come” at a youth center, where the band also donated percussion instruments. Help Dawes and Nothing But Nets distribute mosquito nets to these refugees to prevent unnecessary deaths from malaria here: (photo credit: Stuart Ramson/ Insider Images for UN Foundation)

Another incredible day hearing seriously smart kids talk about their thirst for knowledge and grinning passion to model family for their 15,000 fellow Conglese refugees in the Gihembe camp. Extra creativity points for toothbrush storage for lil Claude and his 11 siblings who share this tiny abode. #Rwanda #dentalhygiene @thesenumbers

Dawes and Nothing But Nets adjust a bed net in the pediatric ward of the health clinic at Gihembe Refugee Camp, north of Kigali, Rwanda. Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria and it doesn’t have to be this way (photo credit: Stuart Ramson/ Insider Images for UN Foundation)