GiGS Magazine featuring the GazettE

Chapter-5: Inside of The Band Magic.

Translator’s note: in this part guys were asked to describe how they see one another and tell their thoughts of themselves in the very beginning of the musical career, so each band member speaks of himself and one of his bandmates.
I’m going to do the full translation, but it takes time, so for now just a little preview.

KAI speaking of RUKI:

At any rate, speaking of [him]* in general, he’s a man of zero compromise. You’ll never hear from him something like: “leave it be, it’s ok as it is”, the same goes for his approach to recording vocal - he makes an impression of a person, who moves forward constantly challenging himself. Actually, even when questioning himself “Am I doing it wrong right now?” he certainly keeps going further.
That’s why I think his artistic vision is incredible.
At the time we first met, I knew nothing of this vision, I simply thought that he had a good voice with a wide range and quality of his singing was high. But while working together, I really got that incitement and that is when I think he started growing in my eyes as an artist.

*Translator’s note: Kai doesn’t call Ruki by name, instead he uses the word [アイツ] - which is very-very conversational, almost rude equivalent of [he].
Actually, it’s also rather fun to read how other band members address one another :D
Ruki, speaking of Uruha, calls him 麗
Uruha, speaking of Aoi, calls him 葵君 [Aoi-kun]
Aoi, speaking of Reita and Kai, calls them Reita君 and 戒君
Reita, speaking of Kai, calls him 戒さん [Kai-san]
For those, not knowing: [~san] is a formal honorific, while [~kun] is often used in friendly conversations. Not using a honorific at all usually means that people know each other for a very long time and relationships between them are like those of close and very good friends.