SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; The Road To Being A Master of Plucking (GiGS July 2015)

With the influence of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Flea, TOMOMI began plucking with her fingers. In order to have her bass slightly lower, she also accompanies it with the angle on her neck, naturally matching her index and middle fingers to the strings. She mainly places emphasis on her second phalanges when picking, her ring and little fingers curving naturally.

Image & translation by fyscandalband.

Mumford and Sons 2015 Concert Series

The Mumford and Sons 2015 Concert Series features pictures, videos, some audio, and hopefully some comments and reviews from you! If you have been to any of the shows below, please send us in a review or comments about the show! We’d love to post them. More shows will be added as well as…

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