gigolos recap

Gigolos Recap: The Customer is Always Right, Unless Jimmy is Depressed

Our favorite sex workers are back. The second season premiere was not as titilating as the first. Maybe there wasn’t enough Steven? Too much of Jimmy whining that his life sucks?

Let’s take this date by date.

1) Brace vs. The House-Sitter

Ok - this woman is babysitting some one else’s house - and she is fucking Brace everywhere? On the bed, on the sofa, and on the god damn kitchen counters. I hope she had the courtesy to Clorox the hell out of the kitchen. What we learned about Brace - he takes himself way too seriously. House sitter made a joke about a facial - and Brace couldn’t even giggle. Come one, man. Us ladies like when you can take (and give) a joke. Lighten up!

2) Jimmy vs. Big Black and Tatted

I thought I was going to like this one. She said that “most guys are dumber than shit.” Amen, Monet. However, it seemed like Jimmy wasn’t into it at all. Hell,  he seemed more comfortable having his junk put in the a cage than discussing his hair styling routine. One note for the producers: please edit out all use of lube. Not sexy.

3) Vin vs. Boring Chick

I feel bad for checking out of this one. But Vin talks a lot about sex. We get it - these ladies are paying for you to perform, but your cohorts have the courtesy to talk to them about things other than their need to get fucked. And I don’t think they even fucked. They just talked about her dead boyfriend and then made out. To each their own.

Quotes of the episode:

Steven: “I’ve been on a million first dates.” ((One million?? Someone’s exaggerating their resume)).
Nick: “I felt bad for beating her ass.” ((This was slightly overshadowed by Nick jumping rope while wearing Vibram Five Fingers on his feet))
Brace: “vomiting? What are these young people into?” ((Brace - i assure you - not all young people are into vomiting. That’s gross)).
Jimmy spent the entire episode complaining that his life sucks. Then he basically told a bank loan officer that he’s an escort and has no verifiable income. We think Jimmy may realize his life really sucks when the IRS comes knocking on his door for undeclared income. Just sayin’.

We hope next episode involves Jimmy manning up (owning a home is overrated) and Steven getting his dick wet.